FS Energy -- Reducing Energy Usage, Costs and Environmental Impact

FS Energy is FirstService Residential’s energy management and advisory subsidiary. This innovative division works with our managed buildings to provide a variety of state-of-the-art data analyses and creative, flexible solutions that reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint while increasing efficiency.  The result?  Greatly reduced environmental impact, increased property values and direct savings for our clients.  

As an advocate for property owners and boards, FS Energy takes a unique, holistic approach to energy management. Its sophisticated FSdata benchmarking database compiles the energy usage of more than 450 buildings, and through data analysis and a proprietary rating system, can quickly provide a clear picture of how your property performs relative to its peer properties. With this information, FS Energy recommends a package of cost-effective solutions tailored to your property that will help to resolve any energy management issues.  

FS Energy Services

FS Energy offers a suite of energy solutions that provide direct and indirect cost savings while reducing your property's environmental impact. These include:

Energy aggregation for the FirstService Residential portfolio -- to negotiate better rates and sell back excess capacity to energy providers

Energy audits and inspections of a property's energy infrastructure -- to locate specific targets for improvements

Advanced control system monitoring – specialists monitor usage and implement practical demand management strategies to reduce demand loads and produce immediate savings
Education and compliance – seminars and awareness initiatives to educate building staff and occupants on how to lower energy consumption in individual apartments and common areas to meet collective usage goals
Energy bill audits – to identify and recapture overpayments of electric, water, steam, gas, oil and other energy bills.

Since 2010, FS Energy has saved clients millions of dollars and has made a significant impact on reducing their energy usage, cost and impact. 

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