Supporting our Boards with Property Management Operations

FirstService Residential CEO David Diestel discusses how we support board members with community lifestyle and hospitality programs, financial services, sustainability, resiliency, and more.

Whether you are on the board of a homeowner’s association, co-op, condominium, master planned community, or luxury high-rise, we understand that you have a vision for your community. Our unmatched local expertise and world-class resources allow us to provide exceptional service to our communities.

FirstService Residential provides a variety of operational support services to help your board. This includes optimizing communication within your community, streamlining property management operations, and enhancing resident interactions with the management team.

What is operations management in property management?

Operations management in property management is the planning, directing, and controlling of property-related activities. This includes both the operational support services required to run the property, such as maintenance and security and the property management activities themselves, such as lease administration and rent collection. Property managers work to ensure that these activities are carried out efficiently and effectively to maximize the value of the property for its owners. When you partner with FirstService Residential, you immediately gain access to local, industry experts who can easily implement our support services.

Operational Support Services We Offer

  • Keeping board members up-to-date on all property management activities
  • Advising your board about best practices and accepted industry standards
  • Attending scheduled board meetings and annual general meetings
  • Recording, transcribing and delivering board and community meeting minutes
  • Retaining and managing homeowner and association records (such as minutes, resolutions, proxies, insurance and contracts)
  • Ensuring timely renewals and continued active status of all association insurance policies
  • Coordinating and administrating insurance claims on your association’s behalf
  • Sending resident notifications, by-law violation notices and other communications as requested by your board
  • Developing and implementing procedures for application, review and approval of architectural modifications requests

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Additional Services

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