Full-service High-Rise Property Management Services

FirstService Residential CEO David Diestel discusses how we support board members with community lifestyle and hospitality programs, financial services, sustainability, resiliency, and more.

Whether you are on the board of a homeowner’s association, co-op, condominium, master planned community, or luxury high-rise, we understand that you have a vision for your community. Our unmatched local expertise and world-class resources allow us to provide exceptional service to our communities.

At FirstService Residential, we understand some of the reasons that homeowners are becoming increasingly attracted to high-rise buildings:

  • Dramatic architecture and panoramic views
  • Proximity to work, entertainment and cultural centers
  • Resort-style amenities and customized social activities

Keeping these properties running smoothly and efficiently can be challenging. It requires in-depth knowledge and experience in vertical living, as well as specially tailored programs.

FirstService Residential has earned its reputation as the leading high-rise property management company in the U.S. and Canada by providing unmatched services to thousands of high-rises. Our customized offerings are designed to streamline operations, enhance curb appeal, maximize property values and create the best possible lifestyle for high-rise residents.

Some of the Specialized Services We Provide to High-rise Associations

  • Maintenance, repairs and property inspections
  • Training, development and supervision of on-site personnel
  • Preparation of bid specifications
  • Vendor and contractor performance monitoring
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations
  • Creation of custom emergency and asset manuals
  • Package tracking
  • Visitor management
  • Valet parking
  • Amenity management and reservations

Tailored Services for Your High-Rise from Local Professionals

We make sure to put the right people in place at your property – local experts with extensive high-rise experience, training and customer service skills. Your management team is dedicated to helping your high-rise association achieve its goals.

Team members implement proven maintenance programs to increase the lifespan and cost-efficiency of your building’s systems and equipment. At the same time, they help to preserve your distinctive identity by tailoring our property management services to your building’s unique character and needs.

Large-scale Benefits for Your High-rise Association

High-rise properties that partner with FirstService Residential have the backing of a large company with extensive resources, buying power and economies of scale. We negotiate the lowest rates for the highest quality products and services. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional value from trusted sources. The high-rise properties we manage also benefit from our unique value-added services, which consist of banking and insurance programs, financial management services and developer services.

Find out how FirstService Residential’s full-service professional property management offerings can enhance the value of your high-rise and the lifestyle of your residents.

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