Why partner with FirstService?

Successful partnerships are based on aligning with a shared vision. Not only in terms of fostering a company’s business growth but also in fulfilling the organization’s larger purpose, adding value to customers, unlocking opportunities for associates, and making its mark in the industry.

Since 1989, FirstService Corporation has partnered with more than 300 companies and entrepreneurs across North America, looking to expand their market share and generate new business. Our track record is punctuated with success, and we continue to raise the bar for corporations offering value appreciation and returns on investment for shareholders.

We specialize in essential third-party services for the multifamily residential sector and serve our clients through two primary entities:.

FirstService Residential – North America’s largest manager of residential communities
FirstService Brands – provides property services through franchise networks and brick-and-mortar-owned locations

When companies partner with us, we unlock our resources and time-refined best practices to strengthen operations in an effort to build value. Our streamlined process paves the way for a smooth transition for business owners, their employees, and clients in an effort to minimize potential disruption.

To be considered as a FirstService Residential partner, your company must meet several key criteria.

  • Conduct business as a residential management firm
  • Strong, tenured management team prepared to remain with the business
  • Predictable recurring revenues supported by contracts or agreements
  • Strong reputation
  • Commitment to the highest level of customer service
  • Open to new ideas and opportunities
  • Foster a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.
Like us, our partners conduct business with honesty and integrity, are dedicated to building relationships, and continually seek ways to bring value to their communities and residents.

Partner with us | FirstService Residential

Our partnership model is simple and relies on four important attributes.

  1. Alignment of interests

    Each of our business leaders participates financially in the business's long-term growth by retaining a significant equity stake. Our partners remain responsible for day-to-day operations and frontline decision-making. While management continuity is a primary factor in our success, we are flexible to the needs of operators/owners and their personal exit intentions.
  2. Partnering with proven management

    We operate in a decentralized manner, trusting day-to-day decisions to the people on the front line. We do this with confidence because each of our markets is operated by a proven management team supported by comprehensive training, technology, and processes.
  3. Leveraging knowledge and relationships to create value

    • Strategic leadership and counsel
    • Sourcing and execution of acquisition opportunities
    • Leveraging our scale, experience, and infrastructure
    • Cross-selling opportunities to grow the business
    • Sharing resources, expertise, and best practices
  4. Long-term capital

    Unlike typical financial investors and private equity firms, FirstService has no fixed-time investment horizon. As a builder of businesses, we strive to create value over the long term and continually invest in our companies by providing growth or acquisition capital.

Our ideal partner is typically a successful, privately held management company.

These companies typically seek a strong partner with a strategic vision and the financial capacity to elevate their business. We offer the ability to monetize equity value for shareholders, support for active and non-active management partner buy-outs, and an exit strategy for founders, parent companies, and investors.
When it comes to ownership, we acquire equity interests ranging from 60% to 100% in management businesses with one or more of these residential clients:

  • Condominiums and cooperatives
  • Active adult and lifestyle communities
  • Master-planned communities
  • Single-family homeowner associations
  • Multifamily rental properties
  • Retirement housing
  • Student and faculty housing
  • Military housing
  • Commercial owner associations
  • Resorts and vacation properties
  • Mixed-use properties

If your property management company meets the above criteria, we’d love to discuss the possibility of partnering with our industry-leading team.

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