FirstService Residential – British Columbia Strata Property Management

FirstService Residential is Metro Vancouver's leading strata management company, proudly managing more than 56,000 units across the Lower Mainland. FirstService Residential BC has a combined history of more than 75 years serving strata properties across Metro Vancouver and BC's Interior, and is proudly Canadian-owned and operated.
Only FirstService Residential can give you the tools and resources to effectively manage your strata community. Our team will help guide you through the complexities of strata properties by providing expert advice on everything from cost-sharing, easements, and air space parcels to sections, types, and new building warranty.
On average, our Strata Agents manage fewer buildings per manager compared to the industry. Our local team maintains the highest NPS customer satisfaction rating in North America amongst strata clients.
Every community that we serve is supported by a team of strata experts, in addition to your dedicated Strata Manager. This support team includes:

  • Regional Directors to supervise operations;

  • Full-time associates for Insurance & Risk Management;

  • A dedicated Accountant to manage your financials;

  • Specialists for new building warranties, cost-sharing and easement experts;

  • Financial professionals to create exclusive banking and insurance options;

  • Technology specialists to develop a custom web portal for your strata;

  • 24/7 customer service representatives providing round the clock support;

  • A New Projects Team to manage your onboarding as a new client, and more!

We serve buildings of all types and ages across Metro Vancouver, and we look forward to hearing from you. Our commitment to you is to make a difference each day to improve the value of your investment and your residents' lifestyle. Learn more about our services below.
For more than 30 years, residents have been looking to FirstService Residential to provide exceptional British Columbia strata management for their communities. We manage more than 56,000 units across the Lower Mainland. From the Metro Vancouver area to Fraser Valley and Squamish to BC's Interior, our associates are dedicated to providing your community with exceptional service every day.
We care about the same things you do. We care about how your community looks because that affects your property values. We'll make sure your community pool and fitness room are properly maintained, so you can enjoy your amenities instead of being concerned about taking care of them. We will prepare your budget and provide guidance when your council needs it. We deliver the exceptional service you would expect from the nation's leading strata council management company, no matter what kind of community you live in. Every community we serve is supported by a team of strata experts, in addition to your dedicated strata manager.
If your strata is part of a managed portfolio, you will still get personal service and the responsiveness you deserve. Our Strata Managers work with an average of 8.5 buildings per Strata Manager, compared to the industry average of 12 to 15. Our excellent customer service and depth of resources have resulted in 100% retention of all new clients. As part of our promise to deliver exceptional service, we invest in our associates' continual education and training, so you see less turnover and can build great relationships with your strata managers.
We know that communication is a struggle for many strata councils and their communities. We help strata council members communicate better with residents through the most up-to-date technology platforms. FirstService Residential Connect™, our proprietary technology solution, is an easy-to-use tool that helps keep everyone in your strata on the same page.
Because finances matter to your strata council and your residents, we put our buying power to work for you! Our vendor relationships help get you the best available pricing on things like cable, internet service, LED lighting retrofitting and more.
No matter your role in the neighbourhood you call home, you can count on FirstService Residential to be there when you need us. That's our promise to you.


FirstService Residential provides a full-service solution to manage the unique needs of your community. Learn more about the services we offer:

  • Strata Management

  • New Development Services

  • Property Services (i.e.: Caretaking, Janitorial, Concierge & Building Manager)

  • Investor Unit Management

  • Rental Apartment Management

At FirstService Residential, our job is simple: to make your life easier.  We provide the tools and resources to effectively manage your strata community. Our team will help guide you through the complexities of strata properties by providing expert advice on everything from cost sharing, easements, and air space Parcels, to sections, types, and new building warranties.

Strata Management

FirstService Residential provides your Strata community with a full-service solution unmatched by any management company. As your agent, we partner with the Strata Corporation to facilitate and manage: Council Meetings, minutes, AGMs & SGMs, bylaw notices and fines, Strata fee payments, budget preparation, special levies, capital projects, obtaining quotes, engaging trades, directing building site staff, invoice payments, fielding owner inquiries, sales documents and much more. 
As Metro Vancouver’s largest Strata management company, we offer the very best depth of support in the industry. Only FirstService Residential has an in-house team of experts to support Council and the Strata Manager. From Insurance & Risk Management, to cost-sharing and building warranty – we do it all! The result is Strata Managers with smaller portfolios and clients with access to Strata specialists who provide additional professional advice.
Transitions TeamFirstService Residential provides new clients with a dedicated onboarding team to facilitate the change process when a Strata Corporation changes management companies. At no additional cost to the client, the Transition Team spends 6 to 8 weeks prior to the first day of management proceeding through a detailed checklist to ensure nothing is missed. They take care of everything from requesting information from your current company, informing owners and vendors of the change, performing site inspections, meeting with Council and building out your directives and maintenance plan.

Building Warranty – Trust that you will be guided through your Strata Corporation’s 2, 5 and 10 year warranty milestones. Our expert Building Warranty team, with more than 30 years of experience, provides guidance and best practices in reporting deficiencies and resolving repairs with your building’s developer. 

Technology –Available exclusively to Strata Corporations managed by FirstService Residential, you will receive access to FirstService Residential Connect™. This proprietary software allows you to view violation reports, resident inquiries, generate an owner directory, access important strata documents, book amenities, and more - 24/7.
Banking & Insurance – By leveraging the size of our client portfolio, FirstService Residential is the only management company in the province to offer clients optional banking and insurance programs. Our clients do not pay monthly banking fees, while also earning guaranteed interest rates on your Operating Fund, CRF balances, and investments. We also can offer our clients better insurance coverage and reduced rates of insurance. These programs are administered by FirstService Financial (FFI) and FirstService Insurance Brokers, an affiliate of FirstService Residential.
Preferred Savings Programs – As Metro Vancouver’s largest Strata management company, we leverage our size to save your Strata Corporation money. We provide you with access to exclusive Strata Corporation savings programs on everything from waste management, telecommunications, restoration and banking and insurance.
Regional Directors – Each Strata Manager is supervised and supported by a Regional Director. As a resource and escalation point, the Regional Director is always available to provide additional support and guidance to Strata Councils and Owners. Our team of Regional Directors consists of seasoned leaders and management professionals. 
Smaller Manager Portfolios – On average, our Strata Agents manage fewer buildings per manager compared to the industry average due in part because of the in-depth support available from our operations team. The result is a Strata Manager who is able to focus solely on the important business of Council.
Robust Accounting  – Your strata will be assigned a dedicated accountant who understands your financial statements. Your Council can speak directly with your Accountant, anytime. We encourage our clients to also visit our office for an orientation to become familiar with your monthly statements.
24/7/365 Assistance – All residents have access to our Customer Care Centre, where FirstService Residential associates are available 24/7 to answer a majority of questions regarding your Strata Corporation. We provide a variety of services including, but not limited to: setting up Strata fee payments, registering for Connect, confirming account balances and much more. Customer Care has translation services available in 31 different languages. Emergency after hours service is provided by our local on-call Strata Managers that are available to help dispatch your trades in the event of a flood, fire or security issue.
In addition to mitigating risk, maximizing budgets, improving communication and managing your finances, FirstService Residential strata corporation management stands out in other ways as well. If your community is part of a management portfolio, you still get the personal service you deserve because our portfolios are one-third to one-half smaller than the average in British Columbia. Each strata manager is supported by a senior regional director. We have a number of full time strata specialists on hand, including risk managers, senior insurance managers, full-time recruitment specialists, payroll specialists, a dedicated strata accountant for each strata and more. Our transition team manages the onboarding of each new client or development.

Additionally, we are proud to provide the following value-added services to every strata corporation we serve:

Banking & Insurance Programs
We put your money to work for you, helping your council find the best interest rates for your reserve funds, as well as the lowest banking fees. We also use the power of our insurance partners to ensure you have the best coverage at the best value.

Financial Management Services
We want to help your neighbourhood strata council maintain its financial stability. Our team of accountants and financial experts is here to do just that. We’ll manage your budget, oversee payment of strata council fees and conduct financial reviews to give your strata council members peace of mind. In addition to a dedicated strata accountant, you also have access to teams of experts who work in accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial statements.

Technology at Your Fingertips
Let our FirstService Residential Connect™ software help you create an information hub for strata council members, homeowners and your management team. Our proprietary system allows your residents to access everything from strata council meeting minutes to maintenance work orders. Your strata council members will also appreciate being able to log in to FirstService Residential Connect™ from anywhere, using their smartphones or tablets.

Customer Care Centre
Our 24/7 Customer Care Centre tries to make sure everyone involved in your community comes away from their FirstService Residential experience with a smile. Our Customer Care Centre associates are trained to assist residents with any questions or issues they may have and strive for first call resolution.

Property Services
To better service residents, FirstService Residential is the only management company to now provide a full suite of property Services exclusively to the strata corporations we manage. This includes: building manager, caretaking, janitorial, and concierge services.
Our model is unique – with more than 75 years of local strata management experience, we are the only organization in Metro Vancouver who can integrate your site staff with strata operations. The result is a better experience for residents and improved communication for strata council and your strata manager.
How do we do it? Our property services team includes experienced hospitality professionals, who have served at the world’s top hotels and resorts, including the Shangri La, Fairmont, Marriott & Delta Hotels, and other boutique hotels. Here’s how we make a difference:

  • Professional Associates & Training – FirstService Residential hires, trains, and retains the industry’s top associates. Our in-house recruiters carefully select the right team members for the job. We provide associates with access to “FirstService University”, an exclusive online training portal that allows associates to receive training on everything from WorkSafeBC courses and Basic Security Training (BST), to fire panels and water shutoffs. With room for advancements and competitive compensation, we retain the right staff who will make a difference at your property.

  • Communication Performance – Our clients have found that having the site staff and Strata Manager on the same team is the most effective way of improving Communications. Your Strata Council and Strata Manager no longer have to rely on third parties to address building issues in a timely manner. Now, your building staff will be trained to serve residents while also identifying and addressing strata-related issues, such as emergencies and bylaw enforcement.

  • Building Safety & Security – Your site staff act as the first point of contact in dealing with building emergencies, such as responding to leaks by accessing the building’s water shutoff.

  • Standard Operating Procedures – Every property receives its own detailed manual of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The SOPs that we create help to create a consistent service offering from your site staff. They cover everything from the location of mechanical equipment and emergency response policies, to bylaw enforcement and professional conduct.

  • Site Visits by Area Managers – Your sited associates are directly supervised by our experienced Area Managers. Your dedicated Area Manager will be on-site every several days to ensure daily tasks are being completed, and service expectations are being met. You will get to know you Area Manager who is available to assist you and collect feedback from your strata council to continually improve the service that we provide.

  • Front Desk Services – For those stratas with concierge service, our team is experienced providing a host of services, including: receiving residents’ dry-cleaning, package-tracking, maintaining a “lost-and-found” box, providing information to residents about the neighbourhood and amenities, arranging amenity bookings, and performing additional “valet” type services requested by the strata corporation.

  • Technology – Your site staff will be trained and ready to use FirstService Residential Connect™, the same proprietary software utilized by your strata council and Strata Manager in managing the property. Now your site staff will be able to input amenity bookings, track packages, and update owner information directly.

Investor Unit Management
In addition to our strata management services, FirstService Residential BC offers a number of rental management and investor client services to assist in managing your real estate investment. Both Canadian and international investors rely on FirstService Residential BC Rental to keep their rental properties occupied, well-maintained and producing income.
We have the highest internal customer satisfaction rating in North America for rental management and investor client services. We provide investors with the same local expertise that we offer our strata corporation clients, but aimed at helping you get the most from your investment.
When you are ready to rent your property, we will inspect it to recommend repairs and improvements to boost its curb appeal and desirability to tenants. We will list it, find a qualified tenant, negotiate the lease, collect the rent and handle all of the maintenance and emergency issues that may come up. We will coordinate inspections to make sure that your property is being used lawfully. As an investor client, you have access to our dedicated professionals, including licensed rental management agents and accountants who will provide a monthly financial statement for the property. We will also ensure compliance with the Residential Tenancy Act, and all Canadian tax requirements, for both residents and non-residents. You didn’t invest in rental property to have work hard maintaining it! Let us handle the hard work so you can enjoy the benefits of owning it.

Strata Unit or House Rental Management

Savvy owners know they can safely put their home in our hands. Both international and Canadian investors rely on FirstService Residential to keep their rental properties occupied, well-maintained and producing income.

Our proven experience in rental management, in-depth knowledge of the western Canadian market, non-resident taxation and extensive range of professional services have made us leaders in our field. All FirstService Residential professionals are licensed and trained – and we will manage your property as we would our own.

  • Tenants – FirstService Residential BC will ensure rentals are to quality tenants by having references verified, employment and credit checked. Leases negotiated, rents collected promptly and suites inspected upon move in/move out. We also represent owner in any arbitration or matters before the Residential Tenancy Branch.

  • Advertising – Effective print and web advertising, market surveys, and marketing strategies.

  • Financials – Prepare budgets, monthly reporting of income and expenses.

  • Repairs and Maintenance – Obtain competitively priced repair and maintenance work through preferred contractor rates and bulk purchasing discounts.

  • Insurance – Secure specially priced insurance package for condo units with a comprehensive coverage to protect your investment.

  • Emergency Service –Provide 24-hour emergency contact and response service for all tenants.

  • Optional Tax Preparation for Non-Resident Owners – FirstService Residential assists Non-Residents (NR) with meeting Canadian tax requirements. We act as an NR6 agent for tax remittance and can coordinate the preparation of annual tax returns.

  • Holiday Suite Management – For owners who have purchased a unit for occasional business or personal use, or who are in the process of listing their units for sale, let us manage your short-term or holiday rental.

  • Chinese-speaking staff – Our multilingual team will make you feel comfortable that you can communicate directly with our team.


Rental Management

If you want to rent an entire building, but aren't looking forward to the work of doing so, let us help! All of the services we provide to investors in individual units are also available for buildings. We can rent your units, collect the rental payments, handle all bill payments – including any mortgage on the building, take care of all renter issues like clogged sinks and electrical problems and manage all of your vendor relationships. Enjoy the benefits of an income property without any of the hassles!

Developer Services

We are proud to work with many leading development professionals in British Columbia on purpose-built rental and Strata Corporation projects. We are a trusted resource that provides guidance and assists developers in creating bylaws tailored to their project, providing all management budgets, and advising on building staff (including managers and concierges). We will proactively work with your architects, surveyors, sales teams and attorneys to ensure they have the most current information and understand the impact on future operations. We are proud of our dedicated community development team that is solely focused on providing excellent pre-sale/pre-build information. We successfully onboard the new projects through our reliable start-up team, educating and facilitating warranty through our warranty team, managing risk and initial placement with our insurance team and finally, we ensure excellent communication between operations and your customer care team. We are the leader in new development and continue to raise our service level to provide unmatched service.