• Chris Churchill

    Chris Churchill

  • Darrin Whitney

    Vice President, Strata Operations
  • Lydia Tay

    Director, Human Resources
  • Sean Ingraham

    Vice President, Community Development
  • Dale Dyck

    Vice President, Property Services
  • Karen Keebler

    Vice President, Client Accounting
  • Christopher Mis

    General Manager, Investment Properties
  • Hardik Bakhai

    Director, Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Amerjit Uppal

    Director, Investment Properties
  • Peter Chan

    Senior Director, Strata Operations
  • Isadora Goh

    Director, Finance
  • Shambhu Lama

    Director, Accounts Receivable and Compliance
  • Brent Anderson

    Business Development Director
  • James Milne

    James Milne

    Business Development Director