Rental Management Services

No matter the size of your building, FirstService Residential will see that it is well maintained and tenanted with quality, well-screened tenants. Our team maintains the highest NPS customer satisfaction rating across North America.

We serve a variety of owners, from individual and family-run properties to institutional investors, ensuring we understand your vision and goals to help maximize your investment.

Our owners benefit from FirstService Residential’s professional experience, extensive trade discounts, and exceptional services. Here is what we can do for you:

  •  Tenants –Ensure rentals are to quality tenants by having references verified, employment and credit checked. Leases negotiated, rents collected promptly and suites inspected upon move-in and move-out. We also represent owner in any arbitration or matters before the Residential Tenancy Branch. Should you require assistance with tenant relocation, our team will help work with public relations firms, review relocation plans for the municipality, use experience working with BC Housing and housing societies to assist tenants who may require affordable housing, guide a clear communication plan, and maintain a transition timeline.

  •  Site Staff – Our team will hire, train, supervise and evaluate on site staff and rental agents, ensure WorkSafe BC compliance, and provide regular property inspection and reports. FirstService Residential is also the only management company to provide you with in-house options for building manager, caretaking, and concierge services.

  • Market Intelligence – With data from more than 55,000 units under management and 500+ properties, FirstService Residential has extensive market intelligence to support you. Our team undertakes market surveys, rental marketing, and prepares web and advertising strategies to maximize income and minimize vacancies.

  • Financial Planning – Undertake financial reporting including preparation of annual budget, capital planning and reserve requirements.  

  • Financial Records and Transactions – We keep accurate records of income and expenses, provide payroll services for on-site staff, and prepare comprehensive, comparative monthly financial statements.

  • Repairs and Maintenance – Obtain competitively priced repair and maintenance work, and conduct regular reviews of contractors to ensure competitive pricing. We offer complete contract administration services, obtain Crime Free Status for buildings and caretakers, and ensure WorkSafe BC coverage and adequate insurance.  FirstService Residentials services also include engagement of specialists in areas such as engineers, architects and other professionals.

  • Insurance – We take on annual appraisal of assets, obtain reduced replacement-value insurance premiums through volume purchasing, and coordinate insurance claims. Click here to learn more about our exclusive insurance and banking programs,

  • Emergency Service – Provide 24-hour emergency contact and response service for all residents.

  • Cost-efficiencies – Negotiate bulk purchasing discounts and preferred contractor rates.

  • Affordable Housing – Our team of professionals is also experienced with the intricacies of affordable housing. We support you with experience and knowledge in the non-profit housing sector. We serve all groups from societies and BC Housing to developers exploring affordable housing projects. Our team manages the administration related to processing available grants, housing applications, performing monthly income verification checks, claiming eligible subsidies and rebates, as well as managing tenants. All while being sensitive to the needs of tenants and intricacies of housing operations.

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