Builds Effective Networks

  • Become a Great Listener

    When communicating, the response from the communication recipient is as important as the message that's given. When you're on the receiving end of a communication, you have the responsibility to be receptive and understand what was intended. This requires two essential skills: listening and questioning. In this course, you'll work on sharpening those skills, as well as getting yourself in the right receptive mind-set for communicating.
    Course Duration: 24
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  • Building Rapport with Your Boss

    Your boss can be the lifeline to your future. Typically, no one has more influence over your immediate and long-term success than the person to whom you report. Not only can you find enjoyment and reward in your current position, but your boss can be a source of support when you are ready to move ahead with your career. This course teaches strategies for building a strong professional relationship with your boss. It explains various ways you can become aligned with your boss -- even how to give your boss constructive feedback.
    Course Duration: 30
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  • Building Your Professional Network

    A key factor in advancing your career is using good communication skills to build strong professional relationships and maintain an effective business network of contacts. This course provides you with the essential communication skills required to establish a business network and includes strategies for building rapport with new contacts during networking opportunities. It also covers best practices for maintaining your network so that business contacts can help you achieve your career goals.
    Course Duration: 23
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  • Cultivating Relationships with Your Peers

    Developing and maintaining relationships with your peers at work can lead to success for both you as an individual, and for your organization. A supportive peer network can provide you with a wide variety of expertise and institutional knowledge, and enable you to leverage other people's networks. This course explores how you can identify the peers in your organization who are especially important in meeting your goals and how to develop and maintain solid, mutually beneficial relationships with these people.
    Course Duration: 21
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  • Do We Have a Failure to Communicate?

    Communicating effectively can be challenging when the message is difficult. Because these challenges typically involve emotions such as hurt, anger, or confusion, it's not uncommon for people to avoid one another or shut down, preventing what could be a productive exchange at many levels. In this course, you'll examine some common communication challenges and how you can successfully navigate them. By showing patience, perseverance, and accountability, you can get communication back on track and reach mutual understanding and agreement.
    Course Duration: 26
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  • Leading Diversity

    Diversity is a fact of life in the modern marketplace and workforce. In this course, you'll learn skills to help you manage and leverage diversity for the benefit of the organization.
    Course Duration: 37
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  • Making an Impact with Non-verbal Communication

    To our earliest ancestors, non-verbal communication was communication! The primitive parts of our brains are still wired to respond automatically when we're afraid, threatened, disgusted, surprised, or happy. But we've come a long way in our development and understanding of our brain's ability to respond and communicate in valuable, non-verbal ways. In this course, you will find out how our attitude, posture, gestures, facial expressions, and tone have great impact on our communication.
    Course Duration: 23
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  • Networking to Improve Leadership Effectiveness

    Effective networking is a leadership skill linked to stronger performance on the job. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop and expand your network to improve your own effectiveness, as well as that of others in your organization.
    Course Duration: 43
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  • Trust Building through Effective Communication

    Communication is most effective when you build and maintain the trust of the people you communicate with. In this course, you'll explore how a clear intention is the basis of an effective communication, and how understanding your audience ensures that the message gets delivered. You'll also learn how body language, vocal tone, and managing emotions can influence your communications and build trust with your audience.
    Course Duration: 25
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