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FirstService Residential CEO David Diestel discusses how we support board members with community lifestyle and hospitality programs, financial services, sustainability, resiliency, and more.

Whether you are on the board of a homeowner’s association, co-op, condominium, master planned community, or luxury high-rise, we understand that you have a vision for your community. Our unmatched local expertise and world-class resources allow us to provide exceptional service to our communities.

Reach our Customer Care Center at 855.333.5149

Service excellence is our mission, and we are committed to providing genuinely helpful service to our clients at multiple touch points.  One of the many ways we deliver world class service is through our Customer Care Center, a 24/7/365 call-in resource that provides immediate answers and information about our communities.

The Customer Care Center receives over 100,000 calls per month, answered in 40 seconds or less by highly trained, service-focused associates who listen and provide information and solutions to residents any time they call, day or night. Customer Care specialists receive in-depth training to prepare them for any scenario, with additional support from a Team Leader and Quality Assurance Coach to ensure consistent quality and responsiveness.

  • By utilizing FirstService Residential Connect™, our proprietary property management software, team members can instantly access information specific to each  community, enabling them to quickly satisfy requests at the initial point of contact – and turn every call, no matter how challenging, into a positive experience for residents.  As a result, the FirstService Residential Customer Care Center has become one of our most important value-added services and differentiating features -- and consistently earns high satisfaction scores from clients after the first call. 

Why do residents call the Customer Care Center?  Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Payments/Collections

  • Account Balances

  • Violations

  • Document Requests

  • Access to Common Areas

  • Emergencies

In addition to live 24/7 customer service, we also give residents the option to use IVR, an interactive phone technology, if they don’t wish to speak to a live person – or don’t have time.  By using their keypads, callers can get automated payment information, such as balance, last payment and last five transactions, as well as make payments by phone or even be connected to a Customer Care Specialist for further assistance.   

Learn more about how FirstService Residential’s Customer Care Center can make a difference for your residents and community.  


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