Measuring Service Delivery to Ensure Client Satisfaction

Each day, every member of our team strives to fulfill our mission of delivering exceptional service.  But how well are we delivering the high level of service we pledge?

To find out, FirstService Residential utilizes the Net Promoter System (NPS), which measures our clients’ loyalty and willingness to recommend us to others. By participating in NPS – joining other quality companies like Apple, Zappos, Charles Schwab and JetBlue – we reaffirm our commitment to listening to our clients’ needs and remaining adaptable and flexible in our approach to meeting them. 

For us, the program is a credible service measurement that holds us accountable for how we treat those in our care.  Conducted by a third-party company, NPS provides direct and unbiased client feedback that enables us to learn what’s important to our Board members and evaluate how well we’re delivering on our service promise every day. 

This valuable feedback not only confirms when we are achieving our goal, but more importantly, it helps us enhance our service delivery by alerting us to any issues that arise.  As a result, we can resolve any problems, strengthen our best practices and drive continuous service improvements across our organization.

In October 2013, we debuted our Trailblazer video, which highlights our participation in the NPS program.  Produced in collaboration with NPS creator Fred Reichheld and Bain & Co., the video features a cross-section of FirstService Residential associates who explain how they deliver great service, why service is so important and how NPS scores and comments are valuable to their teams and the company.  To complement the video, nearly a dozen related videos focusing on various aspects of service are also available.  


Click for Trailblazer and related videos.