How can you tell if a property management team will provide your community with the highest level of service? First, you have to know the signs of a great manager and staff. FirstService Residential, North America’s Group of people in business clothes walkingproperty management leader, has created a guide, Dream Team: The Key to Exceptional Service, to help you do just that. In it, we share 4 important indicators of an exceptional manager and staff:

  • They possess a service-oriented personality.

  • They receive in-depth training.

  • They have the support of specialized professionals.

  • They are equipped with the right technology tools.

Bonus! Included in the guide is a handy checklist that arms you with questions to ask to determine if the people who will manage your community have what it takes.
Learn to recognize a management “dream team.” Read our guide, Dream Team: The Key to Exceptional Service.