Five Reasons Board Members Go Back to School

You’ve just been elected to your Homeowners Association Board. Congratulations! Now you can celebrate...with some time back in the classroom.

Continuing education is vital to becoming an effective Board Member. But before you start dreading all that homework (though there isn’t much), pause for a moment to consider the advantages that education will give you.

Ready to go back to class? Here’s why you should be.

1. You’ve never done a job like this before.

You’ve probably got a wealth of professional and personal experience that qualifies you for your role as a Board Member. That’s probably what got you elected in the first place. But any experienced Board Member will tell you that this is a job like no other. It comes with challenges that you just can’t experience anywhere else. Besides, there’s also an extensive list of regulations, rules and laws you should be familiar with as well (which means even experienced Board Members should hit the books every once in awhile to stay current).

2. You’ve got a big responsibility.

Board Membership is bigger than your position. You have a fiduciary obligation to what could be a multi-million dollar organization. That means the decisions you make need to be based on a solid foundation of knowledge. Yes, your character will serve you well, but you’ll need to complement that with a complete understanding of the inner workings of what makes a homeowners association thrive.

3. You’ll meet the right people.

A good property management company will offer Board Member classes that do more than educate. They’ll also serve as opportunities to meet important professionals you’ll need to interact with on a regular basis. Many of these individuals – attorneys, insurance professionals, accountants, landscapers and more – represent vendor groups that you’ll be interacting with on a regular basis. Talking to these individuals can give you the chance to learn more about their professions, and how they affect your community.

4. It’s usually free.

With the support of an experienced property manager, you should be able to find free classes and seminars. Many of these are offered in the evenings, so they’re easier to fit into your schedule. And for the most part, they’re held at locations that are pretty convenient, too. When you think about it, it makes sense – the best property management companies want to partner with you for your success, so they’ll dedicate themselves to helping you find the right kind of educational opportunities.

5. It’s right for your community.

This is the whole reason you became a Board Member, right? Doing good for your community is something you care about. And learning more about your role as a Board Member will give you the tools to do just that. So, in a way, participating in educational opportunities isn’t just good for you, it’s good for your entire community.
Knowledgeable Board Members help make strong communities. And that happens through education. To find out more, contact FirstService Residential.