Within community association management, our goal is to establish industry standards by promoting a culture of service, dedication, and integrity within our organization. At FirstService Residential, our associates embrace our company's values and standards, contributing to our continuous success. Without their support, we would not be able to deliver on our mission to enhance the value of every property and the life of every resident.

Additionally, by embracing our values, our associates are at the core of Cultivating Success: Embracing our culture and valuesour Great Place to Work certification, a testament to the positive environment cultivated within our organization. New training and development programs support the growth and success of our associates, thereby feeding into the company’s culture.

Embracing our core values

Our core values are more than just words to live by; they are the driving force behind our company's success. They serve as a compass, guiding our associates in their daily interactions and aligning them with our vision of delivering exceptional service and solutions.

Our 6 core values are:
  1. Do What's Right

    Our customers trust us to do what’s best for their community. We are guided by our ethics and customers’ interests in everything we do.

    Integrity and trust are the cornerstones of any successful organization. At FirstService Residential, our associates are not just encouraged but expected to do what's right. Our dedication to putting customers' interests at the forefront of everything we do is a testament to our commitment to ethics and excellence.

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David Diestel sums it up perfectly, "Doing what's right is not just a part of our value system; it's the foundation of our culture. Our associates are empowered to make ethical decisions so that our customers' trust remains unshaken."
  2. Own It

    Each of us is accountable. We deliver what we promise with perseverance, integrity, and open communication.Cultivating Success: Embracing our culture and values

    Accountability is another key value that defines our associates. Taking ownership of one's actions, delivering on promises, and maintaining open communication are non-negotiable aspects of our work. This sense of responsibility is what sets us apart.
  3. Aim High

    We are passionate about being the best at what we do. By attracting and developing great people, we define service in our industry.

    Our passion for excellence is unrivaled. We are committed to attracting and developing the best talent in the industry, setting a high standard for service. By striving to be the best at what we do, our associates continuously redefine the industry's service benchmarks.
  4. Improve It

    We are open-minded, collaborative, and relentless in our effort to enhance and simplify life for our associates and customers.

    In a world that is ever-evolving, continuous improvement is essential. We encourage open-mindedness and collaboration to enhance and simplify the lives of our communities and associates alike. Our adaptability and drive for improvement keep us ahead of the curve.
  5. Building Great Relationships

    Relationships based on respect, trust, and effective communication are the cornerstone of our success.

    Fostering strong connections is not just about transactions; it's about cultivating lasting partnerships. By prioritizing respect, nurturing trust, and maintaining open lines of communication, we forge a path to success. At FirstService Residential, we understand that the true measure of our achievements is reflected in the strength oCultivating Success: Embracing our culture and valuesf the relationships we build.
  6. Be Genuinely Helpful

    Serving is in our DNA. Whether it’s opening a door with a friendly smile or tackling a problem, being genuinely helpful is what defines us.

    Service is deeply ingrained in our culture. Our associates go above and beyond to be genuinely helpful, whether it's through a warm greeting or solving complex issues. "Serving is not just a part of our work; it's the essence of our identity. Whether it's a simple act of kindness or solving intricate problems, our associates are genuinely helpful, creating lasting bonds with our customers." Says Chief People Officer (CPO) Lupe Mujica.

We’re a Great Place to Work

Our commitment to our values and culture is further reinforced by our recognition as a Great Place to Work. This prestigious certification is a testament to our dedication to creating a positive work environment and fostering a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration among our associates.

"Being recognized as a Great Place to Work in 2023 shows the dedication of our associates and their unwavering commitment to our core values. We are honored to be acknowledged as a company where people are inspired to do their best every day." CPO Lupe Mujica proudly expressed.

In addition to FirstService Residential’s recognition as a Great Place to Work, we also received additional certification as a 2023 Best Workplace in Real Estate and Property Development for our Canadian region. We know this is thanks to the support of our associates, who embody our values and create an environment of inclusivity and growth within our organization.

Training and Development

We understand that continuous growth and improvement are only possible through extensive education and training. That's why we consistently invest in training courses for our associates. These courses equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to sCultivating Success: Embracing our culture and valuestay at the forefront of our industry.

Lupe Mujica affirms, "Our commitment to investing in training is unwavering. We believe that well-trained associates are the key to our success. By providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills, our associates are always well-prepared to deliver exceptional service."
In 2023, we launched the following training programs for our associates:

Associate engagement and retention

  • Leadership Essentials A 3-part leadership development program targeting new managers and associates looking to move into a people leader role.
  • Module 1: Leadership foundations – highlights our culture and the importance of leading others through our values. The module then focuses on the skills and knowledge required to become a people leader, motivate and manage a team, build great relationships, and lead with a growth mindset.
  • Module 2Hiring and retaining talent - covers tools and best practices upcoming leaders can employ to successfully attract and hire talent, onboard, manage performance, and develop associates.
  • Module 3: Human resources for people leaders – provides a toolkit to help leaders take the appropriate course of action in various types of employee relations circumstances, ​understand and correctly apply company-approved HR processes and policies​, and navigate their team towards success​.
Taking Charge of Your Career

An interactive two-part training program targeting associates and managers that equips them with the tools and knowledge to plan, own, and grow in their careers.

Associate Development

  • BE the Difference 
    • Our signature culture program, though not new, continues to strongly impact our organization. It encompasses our values and belief in fostering a workplace where diversity and appreciation are voiced, ideas are valued, and everyone can be their true, authentic self. Every year, more than 400 associates go through the program.

  • Time and Priority Management Training
    • A highly interactive, self-paced module that gives associates the tools and knowledge to improve the quality of their time both at work and at home, build confidence, plan better, reduce stress, and improve team collaboration.
Cultivating Success: Embracing our culture and values These are just a few of the training and development resources we’ve implemented across our organization, and we look forward to curating additional programs. Claudia Eftimie, Vice President of Talent and Organizational Development at FirstService Residential, shares her vision for the next year as she continues to think of ways of improving our associate’s experiences within our organization. “2024 marks the year of operational excellence. Our goal is to equip our associates and leaders with the tools and knowledge that will help them resolve conflict, manage difficult conversations, and communicate in a way that will help them build stronger relationships and retain clients.”

The past year has been full of significant advancements in associate resources, training, development, and workplace culture. We are consistently implementing our values to create an environment where associates are motivated to “aim high” and “be genuinely helpful.” Our teams are the reason we can look forward to more breakthroughs in the near future. Thank you to all our associates who continue to embody our values in and out of the workplace.

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At FirstService Residential, we're not just setting industry standards; we're redefining them. Our associates, driven by values of service, dedication, and integrity, are the key to our success. With our recent Great Place to Work certification, we celebrate a workplace culture that fosters excellence. Invest in your career with us – join a team where respect, trust, and effective communication are not just words but the essence of our organization. Apply now and be part of a community management experience that makes life, simplified.

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