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  • Easy Steps to Help Complete Your Next Association Budget

    Budgeting can be tough. It involves looking at priorities and the needs and wants of your community, the money coming in and going out and making it all balance. Crafting a responsible, effective budget is one of the primary ways that community association board members fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities to the community. Planning ahead and knowing what’s expected will help make the process painless and smooth!
  • Stop! Before Raising Association Fees, Try Cost Containment

    No board wants to raise fees. But costs go up – or do they? Learn how cost containment can help keep your TN HOA fees from increasing.
  • Evaluating Potential Vendors

    When your association hires a vendor, it could either be the best decision you ever made, or the worst; the stakes are high. A good vendor will execute your vision on time and on budget, whereas a not-so-good one can be the source of bad workmanship, unexpected delays, inconvenience, a whole lot of headaches, and could end up costing you more in the long run.
  • How to Manage Difficult Residents? Communicate!

    Every community has at least one. You know who they are: the squeaky wheels, the complainers, the busybodies. Difficult residents are a fact of community life. There’s no magic wand or spell to rid the world of difficult people, but as board members, you have access to the next best thing: good communication. Communication from the board and management goes a long way toward making dissatisfied residents happy. How? Read on for how you can use communication tips, tools and technology to create a cohesive community and manage difficult residents when needed.
  • Tips for Improving Your Dog’s Behaviour and Keeping the Peace at Your Condo

    You love your dog and want him to be accepted by your neighbours. However, he has a few bad habits that sometimes make him less-than-welcome in your multi-family community. Don’t despair, often the difference between a not-so-good dog and a good community citizen is as simple as training. Here are seven tips that will help you strengthen the relationship between you, your dog and the people around you.
  • Plaster or Paint: Choosing the Best Way to Resurface Your Community Pool

    Your pool is a source of fun for all of your community’s residents. Yet when it comes time to resurface it, it can quickly feel like your wading in deep water. Read our tips from experts on the pros and cons of plaster and paint.
  • Should My Condo Association Limit Renters?

    It’s an issue that every condominium board faces sooner or later: how many renters should our association allow in our community?
  • Resale Packages 101: Info You Need When Buying Into a Managed Community

    For most people, buying a home is the largest investment they make. We all know there’s a lot of paperwork that comes with buying a home, and although it can seem overwhelming, that paperwork is vital for the protection of the buyer, the seller and the community in which the home is located. If you are buying or selling a home in managed community, a resale package is a critical part of that. What is a resale package and why is it important? How do you get one and when do you need it? We sat down with our Director of Resale to get the answers to these and other important questions.
  • How Online Voting Keeps Your Community Engaged

    From board meetings to resident communications, everyone should have a say in how to tackle the unknown as a community to keep homeowner safety a top priority.
  • What Should you Expect from a Residential Property Manager

    Not all residential property managers have what they need to give you great service. Learn what it takes to be a great residential property manager.
  • 12 To-Do’s for Ultimate HOA Landscaping Maintenance!

    A good spring-cleaning can do wonders for your community association. Here are some tips to get your started.
  • What Should you Expect from a Property Manager

    Not all property managers have what they need to give you great service. Learn what it takes to be a great property manager.
  • Create the Right Strategy for Developing a Community Newsletter

    Creating a newsletter for your condominium residents that will give them valuable and relevant information is harder to do than it may seem upon first glance. Here are the basic things to consider, brought to you by your property management professionals at FirstService Residential.
  • What do Property Managers do? 7 Top Service Issues They Help With

    Whether you're on the board of a high-rise or community association. you want to hire a property management company that will provide the best service for their community. What does that really mean?
  • What You Need to Know About Resale Certificates and Packages

    We all know that there’s a lot of paperwork in the home buying process. If the home you want to buy is in a managed community of any kind, a resale package, including your resale certificate and governing documents, is part of that paperwork. Resale certificates and packages offer transparency about the community and whether or not the sellers are current in their financial obligations to the association. The package includes paperwork that protects the buyer and the seller, as well as minimizes financial risk for the association. It’s important to know what goes into a resale package, why you need it and how to get it before you buy or sell your home in a managed community.
  • 5 Tips to Improve Your Architectural Review Process

    The art of community architectural review may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but there is more to it than meets the eye. In fact, one of the main reasons community associations are formed is to protect property values and keep the community maintained, harmonious and beautiful. Ensuring high architectural standards is an important part of that.
  • Condominium Property Management: Self-Manage or Hire a Professional?

    Self-managing your condominium property may seem like it saves money, but does it really? Why the cheapest property management option may not be the best.
  • Infographic: Enforcing Strata Bylaws

    All strata corporations have bylaws. Bylaws affect a strata lot owner’s rights and responsibilities and how a strata corporation operates. Strata corporations can have bylaws which can: establish quiet hours, ban smoking in common areas, allow certain types of pets, restrict the rental of residential units, or even specify the type of window coverings.
  • Building Security Tips for the Holiday Season

    Security risks increase exponentially during the holiday seasons for high-rise buildings. Many residents travel for the holidays, move to warmer weather during the winter months, or have an influx of guests and family members in and out. These factors make it easy for intruders to make it into the building, especially if there are no procedures in place to track the many people and deliveries in and out of the building.
  • We've Added 11 New Communities to Our Portfolio

    FirstService Residential-Georgia provides all of the professional property management services necessary to operate a successful homeowners association for communities of all sizes
  • Policies and Compliance 101: Guidelines for Making and Enforcing Rules

    The most important factors in association policy making, whether for a condo, co-op, townhome or master-planned community, are clarity and sensibility. When making a new policy, the board must present a united front and clearly communicate the policy and related consequences to all residents. Whether you live in an Alexandria condo or a Fredericksburg gated community, whether the policy is about overnight guest parking or designated smoking areas, the basic principles for crafting good policy and successfully enforcing it are the same.
  • Watch the Webinar: Lifestyle Trends for 2021

    Catch our latest online discussion with our lifestyle gurus, who'll discuss this year's lifestyle trends, best practices and hosting virtual events.
  • What to Consider When Planning Your Community Landscaping

    Beautiful landscaping is integral to any community. The right community landscaping can enhance your property values and make the area more enticing to prospective homebuyers and residents. Whether you’re investing for the first time or revamping your community landscaping, here are four considerations to keep in mind when choosing what to plant, when to plant and how to maintain what you’ve planted.
  • Hiring HOA Vendors? Legal Issues to Consider

    Your Board of Directors oversees the many day-to-day tasks required to operate and maintain your community… but they can’t do it alone. Over the course of the year, your homeowners association will hire vendors to provide a variety of services to keep your community running smoothly, such as exterior painting, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, tree trimming, equipment repair, exterminating, pool maintenance, street repair, and more. And then there are capital improvements, unforeseen events or emergency repairs — yeah, you’ll need vendors to take care of those, too.
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