Easily Order Documents and Certificates

It’s easy to order the documents and certificates you need. 

Document & Certificate Options (standard):

Package Price Rush Price Est. Delivery* Rush Delivery*
Resale Package $202.16 $311.43 6-8 Days 1-2 Days
Demand Package  $182.83 $293.62 3-5 Days 1 Day
Lender Questionnaire $100.00 $150.00 10 Days 6 Days
Lender Questionnaire w/ Documents  $150.00 $200.00 10 Days 6 Days
Customized Questionnaire  $300.00 - 10 Days -
Customized Questionnaire w/ Documents $360.50 - 10 Days -

*Estimated delivery days are calculated as business days. Rush options may be available at an additional cost and may be selected at checkout.

**Please note that you may obtain unlimited updated demands within 15 days from purchase at no additional cost. After 15 days, the demand is no longer valid and will need to be repurchased at full price.

Prices and turnaround times are subject to change.

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