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  • Discover a Plan For New Board Members This New Year

    Have open board positions? Discover five key components to finding & training new board member candidates.
  • Planning an Award-Winning National Night Out Event

    National Night Out is an annual event that promotes partnerships between communities, residents and local law enforcement. Celebrations can range from individual block parties to a large community festival. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to create connections between neighbors and focus on working together to make your community a safer, better place to live. This national celebration has become an annual tradition in many communities far and wide and we want to help you put together the best National Night Out event your association has seen yet.
  • Playing Your Part: Knowing Board Members' Roles

    Is everyone playing their part? Find out how your board should be working together to keep your community in good standing.
  • HOA Lighting Rules: How Your HOA Can Prevent a Holiday Light Trespass Issue

    Holiday lights can brighten the community, but they also have a down side. Learn tips to minimize issues in your HOA with sensible policies.
  • HOA Home Security Tips: Protecting Your Home from Holiday Grinches

    Before you book that vacation or buy the perfect gift, here are a few holiday home security tips to keep you and your community safe.
  • Set Holiday Décor Standards Without Being a Scrooge

    It's easy to get enthusiastic about holiday decorating. How do you keep your residents from going overboard without being a scrooge? Read on for simple tips to keep holidays in your community merry!
  • Storm Preparedness in Any Forecast for Texas HOAs and COAs

    We're breaking down the most common types of Texas weather events and how your association can maximize your storm preparedness for any forecast.
  • The 12 Yeas & Nays of COA Social Media

    Get 12 Do's & Don'ts of social media management.
  • The High-Rise Effect: Social Media 101

    Find out how your condo association could benefit from the online presence you deserve!
  • 8 Social Strategies to Manage Online Presence in HOAs & COAs

    Do you use social media to manage online presence for your association? See our top 8 ways to maintain a positive reputation across multiple platforms.
  • 'Tis the Season: Community Decor & Vendor Management

    There's just something about living among a community with lights stretched around each tree that inspires a childlike enthusiasm for what lies ahead.
  • Top Five Tips for Board Member Success

    After partnering with thousands of board members like you, we've identified 5 tips to help you be successful this year.
  • Why transparent communication matters in your HOA budget committee

    Before planning next year's budget, carefully examine how HOA and COA budget transparency shows residents how their money will make a visible difference.
  • 4 Ways Your Board Can More Effectively Communicate Your Condo’s Budget

    Creating your condominium corporation’s annual budget is one of the most important responsibilities your board has. It takes a lot of hard work and may require spending decisions that won’t be popular with unit owners. Consequently, owners may voice strong objections or even question the board’s ability to manage the corporation’s money.
  • Tips for Creating a Community Newsletter

    Creating a newsletter for your condominium residents that will give them valuable and relevant information is harder to do than it may seem upon first glance. Here are the basic things to consider, brought to you by your property management professionals at FirstService Residential.
  • Creating a Condo Flooring Policy to Address Noise Issues

    When people live in close quarters, it is inevitable that they will hear sounds from neighbouring condos from time to time. Noise between units can be minimized in many ways. One of the most effective tools for a condominium board to implement is a flooring policy that guides owners when they want to replace their floor coverings. Choosing the right products makes a big difference when it comes to the transfer of noise between condominium units.
  • Creating Positive Interactions Between Condo Board Members

    Everyone brings their own assumptions and methods of completing tasks to each group to which they belong. Condominium board members are no different. While the diversity of the group can be its greatest strength, it also can create difficulties between the individual members. It is important to structure condo board meetings in a way that creates a professional and positive working relationship. Here are some tips to help boards achieve this.
  • Defining Condo Corporation Leaders’ Rights and Responsibilities to Create Better Communities

    When your condominium board members (and your property management team, if you are working with a professional management company) have a thorough understanding of their rights and responsibilities, it helps to create a more inviting community. Your community is more likely to be effectively managed and well-maintained, which leads to happier residents.
  • Home for Sale? Six Tips to Add Value and Appeal

    For most people selling a condominium, it is important to stand out from the competition in the real estate market, have a quick sale and obtain the best possible price. But how do you do that? The way your property is presented to potential buyers makes a big difference. Consider these tips to help you achieve real estate sales success.
  • How to Improve Communication in Your Condo Corporation

    As a homeowner, you can do your part to make communication in your condominium corporation better. Find out how.
  • Keeping Your Condo Board Committees on Track

    Community committees allow residents to become involved in the activities of their condominium. They can also help reduce the work load for the volunteer board. In order to function properly though, committees do need structure and board guidance. These eight tips will help to ensure your committees make positive contributions to the community and are aligned with board goals.
  • Preventing Condominium Issues When Snowbirds Fly the Coop

    As Canadians anticipate spending the winter months knee-deep in snow and freezing temperatures, it’s likely that some residents in your condominium corporation community are anticipating spending some of their winter in a warmer climate.
  • The Difference Between Operating Costs and Condo Reserve Fund Expenditures

    Sometimes confusion exists over what expenses the operating budget covers and those that are reserve fund responsibilities. If board members understand the difference between the two, it's much easier for them to make the correct decisions when managing the affairs of the condominium corporation.
  • Seven Important Things to Know About Condominium Boards

    Each condominium corporation in Alberta is required by law to elect a board of directors to manage the corporation on behalf of all the owners. This article gives more detail about the election process and the role of the board.
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