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FirstService Project Management serves as a building owner's representative for residential and commercial construction projects. Our in-house affiliate comprises a team of project managers with decades of experience guiding boards and owners through complex capital improvement projects. These experts specialize in all aspects of project management including interior renovations, resiliency projects, restoration, exterior construction, and mechanical upgrades.

To date, the valuation of FirstService Project Management’s project portfolio exceeds $200 million.

Initial Project Analysis

Initial Project Analysis is a critical first step, often overlooked by boards or owners – but necessary to determine the best course of action for a project. FirstService Project Management listens to your goals and analyzes the existing conditions of the building or project site to properly define the scope of work, timing and project phasing.

Bidding & Contract Negotiations

Once the scope of work is specified, our experts identify qualified potential contractors, distribute a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) and prepare a bid analysis spreadsheet for client review. Throughout the process, our team serves as the liaison between the client and bidding contractors, which includes the review of all compliance submissions for insurance, permits and bonding.
Our project managers also review and value engineer all project specifications, plans and drawings to identify potential cost savings and eliminate superfluous line items that inflate the project budget.

Project Supervision

At all phases of construction, our team continuously monitors the project to verify that the contractor’s work remains on schedule and within scope. This includes frequent site visits and review of all work schedules, payment requisitions and change orders. Our project managers also create detailed project reports to ensure the client is constantly aware of project status or any issues that may arise.

Resident & Building Staff Communications

Our team keeps residents aware of what is happening in and around their homes by working with a building’s property manager to provide pertinent information to distribute in a timely fashion. For residents, we offer a dedicated telephone hotline with recorded messages that include the location and type of work scheduled and what can be expected in terms of noise, dust, parking and more.
Our team also communicates with building staff regarding their responsibilities during the project. With staff involvement and interaction, we are able to facilitate contractor access to common areas and individual apartments, minimizing inconvenience and discomfort to the community as a whole.

Whether you are beginning a new project or looking to re-evaluate an existing project, FirstService Project Management welcomes the opportunity to serve as your trusted partner.

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