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Professional Property Management for Residential Communities

Since our founding, FirstService Residential has been the trailblazer amongst professional property management companies– continuously developing the industry’s most effective products and services, expanding our scope and delivering personalized and responsive customer service to every client and community under management. As a result, we have grown to become the industry leader – but we never lost the local touch that has set us apart from the rest.  

Customized professional property management solutions and services.

The FirstService Residential team delivers exceptional service by listening to your needs and remaining creative and flexible in our approach to meeting them.  

Each of our offices is recognized in its local market for its innovative, full-service professional property management programs for community associations of all types, delivered with highly personal attention and a local touch. Our teams have a successful track record of providing community specific, high quality residential services that maximize property values, enhance marketability and increase resident satisfaction – critical to ensuring your community’s current and future success.  

Always learning, always improving while leading the way amongst property management companies

To continually improve our products and customer service, we obtain HOA Board member feedback on a regular basis through our Customer Experience System, a respected customer loyalty metric utilized by many of the world’s leading companies. Each year, more than 15,000 of our HOA Board Members provide us with candid feedback about how we are performing – and we listen to their comments to become even better.  

Through this valuable feedback, we have learned that our clients are highly satisfied with our responsiveness, service excellence and problem-solving abilities. Our corporate mission includes a commitment to delivering exceptional service and effective solutions, and we are proud that our clients confirm we are achieving this goal.  

However, when the feedback includes client concerns, we follow up immediately to resolve issues and work closely with our team members to help them improve their service delivery.  

In addition to our full-service professional property management services, we offer a wide selection of value-added services designed to improve service quality, reduce costs, streamline operations and enhance communication with residents in our managed communities. These unique services, which include proprietary technology solutions, industry-leading training programs, a 24/7 Customer Care Center, global aggregate purchasing power and negotiated vendor pricing, are core to our service offerings and bring valuable benefits to our managed communities.

We provide professional property management services for a broad variety of properties and communities, including:

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