Creating a Feng Shui entryway: Enhance your home and lifeIn today’s busy, noisy, fast-paced world, many of us have become multitaskers by necessity, caught up in trying to juggle the demands and responsibilities of family, health, career, lifestyle, community and more.  But what if you could turn down the stress and volume of everyday life and enhance your life just by coming home? If you live in a high-rise, condo or HOA community managed by a good property management company, the beauty of its landscaping, foliage, architectural features or other aesthetically-pleasing details may help you begin to decompress as soon as they come into view.  That’s a great head start, but what if there was a way to bring this desirable “curb appeal” indoors – to create a sense of balance in your home that helps you unwind, reduces stress and maybe even enjoy a happier and more rewarding life?

According to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, there is.  Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is based on the belief that every object possesses an energy, or life force (chi), that interacts with our personal energy flow and affects how we perform in our every aspect of our lives.  By changing the placement of the objects in our home, we can unblock and balance these energies, resulting in increased health, wealth, happiness and success in our relationships, careers and every other aspect of our personal lives.  Do we already hear you asking “Where do I sign up?”

Feng Shui offers numerous guidelines for balancing each room and area of your home, as well as recommendations for choosing the correct colors, materials and other details to help you achieve the results you desire. Want to give it a go?  Remember, we’re not endorsing Feng Shui as a guaranteed mood-lifter and fortune-builder, but there may be a lot to gain and not much to lose…except maybe a bit of your hard-earned stress.  Today, we’ll start with five quick and easy ways to unstick the energy flow of your home’s entryway.

5 tips on creating a Feng Shui entryway

  1. Declutter.

    “Clutter” may be a polite way to describe “mess,” but it still represents stuck energy in your home – and that’s why clearing it almost like Feng Shui 101.  This is especially important right inside your front door, where unnecessary items like old newspapers, wayward shoes or toys or other obstacles can block the flow of chi into your home.  If you’re not a natural clutter-buster, you may consider it a chore to decide what should be tidied, trashed, recycled, donated or regifted, but creating order out of chaos and encouraging a natural energy flow can actually be a total life changer.
  2. Install an entrance fountain.

    Is your flow low?  To increase your fortune, place a flowing fountain inside your front door.  The moving water symbolizes the flow of money, power, connections and other material gains that will now flow more freely to you as a result.
  3. Stimulate learning

    Want to help your kids learn and succeed?  It’s never too early (or too late) to learn something new, so place books in a high-visibility area you can easily spot as you walk through the front door.  Keeping books in plain sight is a simple but effective way to encourage lifelong learning for every member of your family.
  4. Fix broken objects.

    Is your front door jammed?  If it sticks, squeaks or scrapes, or its hinges, locks or doorknob are wobbly or loose, make repairs pronto.  Fixing broken objects goes a long way towards reducing your anxiety and frustrations, while creating a smoother and more even life path.
  5. Hang a wind chime.

    Do I hear bells?  In addition to adding a melodic and pleasant (to some people) ambiance to your home, the musical tones of wind chime – hung in the front right area of your home for optimal results – will encourage the support of others and encourage them to provide you with help and assistance.
Even if you’re not convinced that applying Feng Shui techniques can bring you happiness, wealth and success, paying attention to details and making small, but simple improvements can bring unexpected benefits and rewards to your life.

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Tuesday March 03, 2015