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  • Ask the Experts: Rising Costs in Community Association Insurance

    Insurance costs are rising, and budgeting for higher insurance premiums has become increasingly challenging for associations. Learn best practices for managing insurance premium increases.
  • Four Ways to Prep for Your Texas Association Annual Meeting

    Consider 4 key elements when preparing for your Annual Meeting. Get practical tips today!
  • Home for Sale? Six Tips to Add Value and Appeal

    For most people selling a condominium, it is important to stand out from the competition in the real estate market, have a quick sale and obtain the best possible price. But how do you do that? The way your property is presented to potential buyers makes a big difference. Consider these tips to help you achieve real estate sales success.
  • 6 Ways to Maximize Committees

    Community members join committees because they want to make a difference. That’s great, but sometimes, as they say, life gets in the way. Let’s not forget that committee members are all volunteers, which means it might take something a little extra to keep them motivated.
  • Was Your Texas Owner's Association Board Successful in 2018?

    Would you say that your Board was successful in 2018? Read on to see what residents are saying about homeowner's associations nationwide!
  • A Capital Improvements Plan for Your Tennessee Association

    A successful capital improvement project requires a lot of planning to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. Does your community know where to start?
  • Want to Become a Community Association Manager? Here Are 7 Questions and Answers to Consider

    Are you interested in becoming a Community Association Manager? It requires a passion for helping others, empathy, and dedication to providing quality customer service, among other things. Read our article to learn if it's the right fit for you.
  • How an HOA preventive maintenance plan can keep your community cool, calm, and collected

    Cold weather will soon be upon us, so now is the time for your homeowners association (HOA) to make sure your maintenance program is on track. As brutal as Missouri winters can be, you certainly don’t want to discover a leak in your roof during a heavy snowfall or have a boiler stop working during a record cold spell.
  • Defining Condo Corporation Leaders’ Rights and Responsibilities to Create Better Communities

    When your condominium board members (and your property management team, if you are working with a professional management company) have a thorough understanding of their rights and responsibilities, it helps to create a more inviting community. Your community is more likely to be effectively managed and well-maintained, which leads to happier residents.
  • Technology at Home Part One – Choosing the Best Internet Package

    In an effort to help our clients and their families stay safe during these difficult times, FirstService Residential’s in-house technology experts recently assembled a list of best practices and technology tips for working at home, improving password security, identifying potential scams and selecting personalized internet packages.
  • Creating Positive Interactions Between Condo Board Members

    Everyone brings their own assumptions and methods of completing tasks to each group to which they belong. Condominium board members are no different. While the diversity of the group can be its greatest strength, it also can create difficulties between the individual members. It is important to structure condo board meetings in a way that creates a professional and positive working relationship. Here are some tips to help boards achieve this.
  • Create the Right Strategy for Developing a Community Newsletter

    Creating a newsletter for your condominium residents that will give them valuable and relevant information is harder to do than it may seem upon first glance. Here are the basic things to consider, brought to you by your property management professionals at FirstService Residential.
  • How to Hold Your Next Board Meeting by Video Conferencing

    It goes without saying that how we communicate has drastically switched from in-person contact to user-friendly digital platforms since the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread.
  • Holiday Party Planning. All the Sparkle Without the Stress.

    You want to celebrate the season with family and friends, but with the holiday merely weeks away, landing a role opposite of George Clooney sounds easier than planning a holiday bash. Does it not? Well fear not! These primo party planning tips will have you singing carols over eggnog in next to no time (and for little money), all compliments of our professional party planner.
  • Great Service: Does Your Property Manager Have What It Takes?

    Not all property managers have what they need to give you great service. Learn what it takes to be a great property manager.
  • Patricia Bialek Receives Community Manager of the Year Award

    Pat Bialek, VP Property Management, was named Community Association Manager of the Year at the Excellence Awards and Winter Gala hosted by the Community Associations Institute (CAI), Illinois Chapter. As the first-ever winner of this prestigious award, Pat was recognized for her exemplary knowledge, ethics, professionalism and skills in financial, administrative and facilities management.
  • How to Communicate: What Your Board Should Know and Do

    You want your community association to be successful. All board members do. You know that means watching the finances carefully and maintaining the property. But do you think about effective board communication as an ingredient in your recipe for success? It is!
  • Email Communication Best Practices for Coronavirus Information

    Here are some email communication best practices for your building to use when sending out communications regarding the current pandemic.
  • Four ways to set decoration policies for your community association without being a grinch

    The holiday season is upon us, and nothing puts you in a festive spirit like pulling your holiday decorations out of storage. Many people derive a sense of community and comfort from seeing familiar decorations at the same time each year.
  • The Top 10: What You Should Expect from Your Property Management Company

    Boards are finding that they prefer to hire a quality property management firm than to self-manage. It's not an easy decision for Boards to make, but it is a wise decision and the best one for all involved parties.
  • Board Member Roles: What Does My Title Mean?

    What are key ingredients of a great community? Committed residents, a dedicated board and a clear understanding of everyone's roles and responsibilities, and you have the recipe for success.
  • Tips for Planning a Successful Community Event

    Community events are a great way for Condominium Corporations to bring residents together, create a sense of community pride and encourage a social and cohesive community environment! What better way to build relationships and enhance residents’ quality of life than to bring homeowners together to meet their neighbors and feel more connected and engaged with their local community.
  • Avoid Board Burnout: Ease Your Workload and Keep Your Sanity

    Board members can become overly burdened and burn out. Working with a quality property management company can help ease board burden. Learn how.
  • Factors Influencing the Future of Community Management

    Community association management has been around for 50 years, making tremendous strides in that short time, as have the communities that have benefited from having professional teams managing their property.
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