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Ontario Property Management Services We Offer

The moment your community chooses FirstService Residential as its property management company, we are quick to provide the excellent service we are known for. Our transition team handles the onboarding process, ensuring that transitioning runs smoothly, whether it is a developer control or another property management company. A dedicated account manager manages a specific property and we provide a team that takes care of your accounts receivables, accounts payables, and financial statements.

FirstService Residential believes in a green future, so if desired, we have energy and sustainability experts on hand to inspect your buildings and suggest ways to eliminate the waste of energy and find efficient ways to handle the problems.

In addition, we offer many value-added services that are only available to our clients. The vast amount of choices allows you to save money while increasing the service levels you receive. We have many partner affiliates that provide savings for your community. These serves and partnerships include: 

24/7 Customer Care Centre

At FirstService Residential, we understand that great customer experience goes beyond business hours. Our 24/7/365 Customer Care Centre is staffed with associates who are always ready to be genuinely helpful. Our clients can call any time of the day and any day of the week to speak to our live agents. Through our FirstService Residential Connect platform, they have access to information about your account, your community and answers to similar questions to yours. They are able to offer solutions quickly, usually on the first phone call.

Our Customer Care Centre agents:

  • Are readily available 24/7/365 to serve our clients without any delay in accessibility to offer support
  • Are well equipped with our in-house innovative online platform, FirstService Residential Connect™, that gives them all access about your building and account
  • Are carefully screened and fully trained to give exceptional customer service experience and to attend the needs of our clients at any time
  • Swiftly resolve your issues in a timely manner

Centralized Administration Team

Our property managers also have support from our Ontario Support Centre. We have the centralized administration department that provides property managers with all of their administration needs so that our property managers are able to focus on managing communities, while the administration team takes care of the administrative tasks.

Our centralized administration team:

  • Sends notices and letters out to residents at the request of property managers
  • Prepares mailing of the budget, AGM, turnover meetings packages for property managers
  • Ensures that administration resources are available to property managers for smooth functioning of site offices
  • Ensures that all property managers’ administration requests are met in a timely manner, and are carried out within deadlines
  • Processes Status Certificates, Information Certificate Updates, Periodic Information Certificates, New Owner Information Certificates
  • Uploads corporation documents on Connect, our online platform where board members and residents can access and obtain information about their community or respective units
  • File documents on behalf of property managers

Banking and Insurance

As the largest property management company in Canada, we leverage our size and scale to negotiate higher interest rates and lower banking fees for your community. We also help you obtain the right insurance coverage, verifying your community is covered across all business lines, at the best possible premium. FirstService Financial will also help your corporation in choosing the best possible loan and financing opportunities. For more information on FirstService Financial, go to www.firstservicefinancial.com.

Financial Management Services

We take the financial health of your community corporation very seriously, so we put in place full-service financial programs designed to eliminate any cash flow surprises, and make receiving resident payments easy. Our corporation can help your board plan for proper budgeting and for capital improvements and repairs, as well as preventative maintenance plans that help make the most of your valuable assets. Your financial information is also accessible 24/7.

Proprietary Technology Programs

Our proprietary FirstService Residential Connect™ software platform was created with board members, property managers, and resident communication simplicity in mind. The platform harmonizes communication between all parties so that information is quickly passed along, such as upcoming events and community news, and especially for emergencies. The platform can also show residents their account balances and grants them the ability to make secure online payments, check the community calendar, and book amenities. 

Developer Services

For over 20 years, we have worked with Ontario’s leading developers, helping them bring their community visions to fruition. Our experts diligently work with developers at all stages, from planning to turnover to buyers. We know we have the right experience and knowledge to help guide developers to the wonderful amenities we know people want, and help market the community, plan finances, and transition the property to the condominium corporation.

Resident Hospitality

FirstService offers high quality Front Desk Security and Housekeeping services to communities we manage. Supervised by area and property managers, our front desk security and housekeeping staff are responsible for the day-to-day security and housekeeping needs of communities we manage, ensuring our clients’ satisfaction, and following appropriate protocols to ensure that facilities are clean, well maintained, and that our residents are safe.

Front Desk Security

The safety of the residents in communities we manage is our utmost priority. FirstService Residential Ontario delivers exceptional 24/7 front desk security solutions to our communities. Prior to providing service at a site, we work with our clients to ensure that the front desk security services we will offer are tailored to their needs. In order to better serve our clients and deliver exceptional service, our licensed front desk security associates undergo a screening process, criminal background checks, extensive training and onboarding program before they are sent to any site.

Our front desk security associates:

  • Are the first point of contact for all visitors, making sure that there is no security risk to residents

  • Welcome all our residents as they come home, and greet all visitors

  • Accept the packages on behalf of the residents

  • Accompany contractors and vendors during maintenance and repairs inside the units

  • Monitor the building security systems

  • Patrol the building and common elements areas


Each building needs to be kept in pristine condition in order to create and maintain a healthy environment and great living conditions to residents. The cleanliness and upkeep of a building also plays a big part in the value of your home. At FirstService Residential, we take pride in our excellent reputation for the quality of housekeeping services we provide to our clients. We have a hardworking team of highly experienced housekeeping associates who are thoroughly trained and professional.

Our housekeeping associates, together with the property manager, ensure that each building’s cleanliness exceeds the requirements and meets the satisfaction of each client. With the support and supervision of the property manager, our housekeeping associates perform full-service janitorial and cleaning services on all common elements areas.

Energy and Sustainability Management

Energy and Sustainability facilitation allows corporations manage affordability, improve comfort and help green our communities.  Our award winning service has allowed our corporations benefit from taking on both energy and financial engineering projects that are data driven, accountable, unified and systematic.

Our team of in-house award-winning experts work with clients to help their corporations save energy, which results to corporations saving money. In many communities, these savings offset maintenance fee increases, and in some, the energy savings are greater than the property management fees.

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