Townhome Management

Simplifying community life

Townhome communities with limited amenities may not have the option to hire a dedicated manager on site, yet need daily support from a property management team that is nimble, flexible, responsive, and versatile. Our management services were designed especially for these properties.  

The unique details or requirements of a townhome entails specific attention because they are similar to apartments, sharing common elements such as interior walls, roofing systems, and exclusive decks or patios. However, they are very different because townhomes also have features found in single-family homes, including private driveways, green spaces, and a larger square footage. For this reason, our management team consists of industry experts who know how to handle the ins and outs of townhomes.  
We feel it is very important to recognize these differences and thus customize or alter our services as needed. You can count on our townhome team to identify the key problems your community faces and strategically develop solutions addressing any concerns.  

As a board member, you work to ensure the community is safe and well-maintained. Residents – your neighbours –should get the best value for their fees. Partnering with a professional management company can help you anticipate, prioritize, and tackle decisions to avoid surprises. Most importantly, you want to enjoy living in the community you have chosen with peace of mind— a neighbourhood in harmony.   

We can support your community with:  

  • Financial solutions  

  • Vendor management  

  • 24-hour Customer Care Centre 

  • Timely advice about reserve fund expenditures and investments  

  • FirstService Residential Connect communication software  

  • Condominium fee collections/Delinquency services 


Learn more about how FirstService Residential’s townhome management services can meet your townhome community’s needs today. 

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