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Tips for Planning a Successful Community Event

Posted on Monday July 11, 2016

Community events are a great way for Condominium Corporations to bring residents together, create a sense of community pride and encourage a social and cohesive community environment! What better way to build relationships and enhance residents’ quality of life than to bring homeowners together to meet their neighbors and feel more connected and engaged with their local community.

Property Management 101: Top Tips for Board Members

Posted on Tuesday June 21, 2016

As a condominium board member, you know you have a huge part to play in ensuring a great lifestyle for your residents. It’s your job to provide leadership, ensure financial stability, and create a sense of togetherness. Consult these helpful property management tips for new board members and experienced ones alike.

Talking the Talk: Communication with Your Property Management Company

Posted on Wednesday June 15, 2016

Getting the most out of the relationship between your Condominium Corporation and your property management company comes down to many important factors and communication, as in any relationship, is essential.

Why Your Condo or High-Rise Needs a Great Front Desk Team

Posted on Thursday June 02, 2016

Five seconds. Science tells us that’s how long it takes to form an initial judgement about a person or thing. First impressions are even faster – they happen in an instant. Given this limited time to make a positive impact, the need for a great front desk team is clearer than ever.

Simple Energy Conservation Steps to Benefit Your Community This Winter

Posted on Thursday January 28, 2016

With the cold weather in the Ontario air we all would love to find ways to save money as condo owners.  There are a lot of helpful tips that we as homeowners can start before winter arrives and continue during the remainder of the winter season.

Fire Safety Tips for High-Rise and Condo Buildings

Posted on Thursday December 17, 2015

Here in the greater Toronto area there are tons of condos and high-rises to spark the interest of any buyer. Living in a high-rise can be so rewarding with the breathtaking views, concierge services, great location and more. But one thing to remember is fire safety for you and your family.

Vendor Management Tips to Help Condominium Corporations Get Great Results

Posted on Tuesday November 24, 2015

To maintain your building, your Board members must employ and manage several different vendors. These vendors help with the upkeep of your condo building and preserving the building’s property value as a whole. Read tips on how to best manage your vendors.

How to Choose the Right Community Banking Program

Posted on Tuesday November 10, 2015

Does your condominium corporation have the right banking program in place for your condo? As a Board member it is your fiduciary responsibility to safeguard your condominium corporation’s funds.

Hiring Vendors? Legal Issues for Condominium Corporations to Consider

Posted on Friday November 06, 2015

As a Board member you are responsible for many things including overseeing and hiring vendors for community projects. Your condominium corporation may be looking to hire a vendor to simply perform routine maintenance or for an upcoming special project. Do you know what basics to look for when hiring a vendor for your building?

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