Working in Partnership to Create Vibrant, Livable Buildings

For more than two decades, FirstService Residential New York has been providing expert guidance to many of the city’s leading developers to help bring their visions to life. From the earliest planning stages to the ultimate turn-over to buyers, our expertise in creating and managing effective properties has proven vital to the long-term success and lasting legacy of many New York properties.

Supporting Developers at Each Stage of Development

Because we provide property management services to hundreds of low-, mid-, and high rise cooperatives and condominiums throughout New York City, we know all the complexities and challenges of developing properties in this market.  We understand the various design, operational and legal complexities of planning and developing high-rise buildings, and can leverage our expertise to advise you about the amenities, features and services that will maximize safety, protect property values and provide a desirable quality of life for your residents.  In addition, we can provide key insights about your local market and target demographics to optimize your building’s long-term success.
We work best by developing a strong relationship with you, as well as with your partners – architects, engineers, lawyers, and sales and marketing teams – providing dedicated support and service at each phase of development, from inception to completion. And we help you reach new levels of success by getting involved on the ground floor – and staying committed every step of the way. 

Consulting Services:

Among the consulting services provided in the development phase are:

  • Review and analyze architectural plans with a focus on building operations and service.

  • Analyze the security needs of the building, placement of cameras, placement of lobby desks and access to the property.

  • Analyze interior and exterior amenities for desirability and cost-effectiveness. The division considers maintenance, staffing and insurance to determine if the cost of the amenities would be recouped by the developer and analyzes the impact on monthly common charges.

  • Create and analyze various scenarios to determine optimum, cost-effective staffing levels to meet sales goals.

  • Review and comment on the offering plan, as well as review and certify the proposed operating budget to ensure it is realistic in order to prevent time-consuming and costly amendments to the plan.

  • Analyze income from commercial and residential uses, including developing scenarios to abate common charges.

Pre-Opening Administration

Eight months before the scheduled opening of the property, we begin our 240-Day Program. This phase includes:

  • Hiring and training the staff utilizing FirstService Residential’s unique Learning Center.

  • Creating a comprehensive, customized resident manual with house rules, procedures, policies and regulations.

  • Scheduling residential move-ins and deliveries.

  • Testing all systems before the property opens.

  • Setting up operations systems, ordering uniforms, establishing cleaning schedules, etc.

  • Implementing FirstService Residential Connect to increase building efficiency and improve communications.

Managing the Property

When the building opens, we manage the property and assist in the organization of the initial board. Our knowledge of the building’s operations, systems and procedures is invaluable at this stage. We stress maintaining a positive relationship and smooth communications between the developer/sponsor and residents. Our goal is the effective functioning of the property and the eventual transition of the board to one comprised of unit-owners or shareholders.

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