Energy Efficiency Retrofits | Roof Exhaust Fans for Multifamily Buildings

Roof exhaust fans are integral to the proper ventilation of any building, and most multifamily buildings in New York City have several. The fans draw contaminants, particulates, heat and odors out of a building, which allows other systems to replace these with clean, filtered air, thereby improving air quality and occupant comfort. Roof exhaust fans also help buildings maintain a comfortable interior environment – one of the biggest contributors to costly energy bills during winter and summer months.

DVM Industries has developed an exciting new retrofit that reduces the energy needed to power roof exhaust fans. When installed, the fans help lower building energy costs and carbon emissions among other benefits.

The technology involves retrofitting the conventional motors that run rooftop fans with an EC (electrically commutated) motor with a built-in Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that controls the flow of energy and fan speeds within the unit. As a result, EC motors are extremely efficient, especially at reduced speeds, compared to traditional motors.

EC motor retrofits can be completed in about two months and provide many benefits:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • ​Lower operating costs Reduce carbon emissions
  • Improve your building energy grade and score
  • Reduce future potential Local Law 97 fines
  • Extend service life of the equipment
The return on investment from retrofitting roof exhaust fans with EC motors—is typically 30-50%.

Interested in learning more about EC motors and if they are right for your building? Contact us at [email protected].

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