March 08, 2023 | 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Ask Our Experts: NYC Local Law 97 Updates, Filing Process, & Compliance

Online Webinar
New York , NY
What We'll Cover

This is the first segment of our NYC Local Law 97 webinar series, in which we will cover:
  • Recently-announced adjustments to legislation
  • Necessary steps for compliance
  • How to complete the filing process
  • New technologies and alternative options that can help decarbonize your building
  • And more…
In order to meet emissions targets on time and avoid penalties, boards and managers must understand the pathway to compliance for your building.

Our Expert: Kelly Dougherty, President, FirstService Energy

  • Starting in 2024, a carbon emissions cap will be placed on buildings larger than 25,000 sq. ft. The cap will determine the building’s annual emittance of carbon.
  • Buildings that exceed their emissions cap will pay a fine of $268/Mt.Co2e
  • 2025 fines will be based on 2024 usage
  • The emissions cap reduces every 5 years until 2050
  • By 2050, the city’s goal is to have reduced emissions by over 80%