WALTHAM, Mass., June 21, 2016 -- Tecogen® Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of a complete turnkey installation package for an InVerde e+ 100 kW combined heat and power (CHP) unit to Silver Towers, a luxury multi-unit residential building in Queens, New York.  Supported by substantial incentives from both ConEdison and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the deal includes the cutting-edge InVerde e+, full installation, various factory engineered accessories, load modules and an advanced real time cloud-based performance monitoring and service dispatch system.
The 27-story co-op building will benefit from the free waste heat recovered from the efficient CHP unit's electric generator. Aside from delivering annual annuity-like cost savings, the INV-100 e+ will also provide resiliency from a utility grid failure.  The CHP system, equipped with technology that meets NFPA 110 emergency generator standards, will provide power to the common areas, lighting, domestic water and elevator systems in case of blackout.
Speaking about the project, Tecogen Co-Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Locke noted, "This will be our third project with FirstService Residential, the largest residential management company in North America. The company's property managers, along with the efficiency experts in the company's FirstService Energy subsidiary, truly understand the advantages CHP provides a building. By offering building resiliency and backup power, alongside cost-savings and improved property NOI from energy efficiency, as well as environmental benefits and a smaller carbon footprint, our InVerde e+ CHP systems are really a complete solution for residential buildings like Silver Towers." 

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Article by Tecogen, Inc. | Thursday June 23, 2016