Meet our Participating Organizations and Service Providers

You will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with representatives from the following organizations before and after the formal presentation and panel discussion:



City of New York
New York City has two programs to accelerate energy and water retrofits in privately-owned buildings to help lower operating costs and meet the city’s sustainability goals. They are key components of Mayor de Blasio’s commitment to reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions 80% from 2005 levels by 2050.
The NYC Retrofit Accelerator is a free program that offers advisory services to building owners and operators during the steps required to successfully complete water and energy efficiency projects. The program is geared for buildings over 50,000 square feet or receiving affordable housing financing or burning No. 4 heating oil.

Community Retrofit NYC is a similar free program that supports building owners during the retrofit process and connects buildings to the city’s new Green Housing Preservation Program for financing and additional technical assistance. The program is geared for multifamily buildings in central Brooklyn and southern Queens with 5 to 50 units.
NYSERDA helps bring multifamily buildings to peak performance and turns common building problems into an opportunity to optimize the performance of systems and equipment. NYSERDA offers two energy efficient building solutions that give you control over your energy bills:

• Targeted Option for Market-Rate and Affordable Buildings – Incorporate energy efficiency as you address your building’s top priorities.
• Earn incentives for installing more efficient equipment for individual improvements
• Work with your contractor or one of our Multifamily Building Solutions Providers
• Make the upgrades, show proof of work, and receive your incentive

• Comprehensive Option for Affordable Buildings – Get the highest performance out of your building. Work with a Multifamily Building Solutions Provider to evaluate your building’s systems holistically and create a customized plan aimed at giving you a minimum of 25% energy savings. When the work is complete, you will be eligible for performance-based incentives based on your projected energy-savings goal. The result? Higher operational efficiency and property value, lower energy bills, and more satisfied residents.

New York City launched the NYC Carbon Challenge for Multifamily Buildings in 2013, engaging the city's largest residential property management companies to commit to reduce GHG emissions across selected buildings in their portfolios by at least 30 percent by making cost-saving energy efficiency improvements. Management firms have pledged to reduce the GHG emissions from over 900 multifamily buildings over 10 years. All together, these buildings represent over 110 million square feet, or six percent of the city's large and mid-sized residential square footage. In addition to reducing emissions, the energy efficiency and clean energy improvements these buildings undertake will also improve local air quality and increase resiliency to extreme weather events. Improving the efficiency of these buildings will also mitigate or reduce operating costs.

NYCEEC is a nonā€profit dedicated to financing energy efficiency and clean energy projects in buildings. NYCEEC’s single-focus and deep expertise provide fast, flexible financing to meet the full range of a project’s needs. NYCEEC has provided leadership in the multifamily market, working closely with incentive providers and utilities on some of the deepest and highest-return retrofits. As a mission-driven lender, NYCEEC has the flexibility to make projects work – financing up to 100% of project costs, including construction and soft costs such as energy audits, and solving cash flow concerns by bridging incentive payments to match construction milestones. NYCEEC’s loan application is easy, user friendly and simple, with guaranteed quick turnarounds.

Con Edison administers the Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program (MFEEP) to provide financial and technical support to help multifamily building owners and operators install energy efficiency measures. This program offers customers financial incentives for approved equipment upgrades in common areas and in units. Custom incentives and prescriptive rebates are available for upgrades including LED light fixtures, high efficiency boilers, pipe insulation, roof insulation, and energy management systems.

National Grid offers energy efficiency services for multifamily dwellings such as apartment buildings, condominiums, and housing complexes. Building owners and managers can take advantage of the utility’s programs to weatherize facilities or make other energy-saving improvements. Benefits include a more even and comfortable temperature throughout the building, lower energy bills, and a reduction in CO2 emissions.



CodeGreen provides sustainability and energy efficiency solutions for individual buildings and portfolios. They develop innovative solutions to help clients conserve capital and increase asset value by reducing energy consumption, improving operations, reaching sustainability goals, and complying with efficiency regulations. The company’s innovative software package ProAct™ is designed to track, maintain, and report the ongoing energy use and sustainability of today's complex buildings. CodeGreen’s consulting services include energy benchmarking, LEED certification management, corporate sustainability reporting, energy submetering, energy auditing, retro-commissioning, building performance monitoring, and sourcing for energy efficiency financial incentives. CodeGreen is currently greening over 250 million square feet of property across the country.

Eneractive Solutions is a full service, independent energy consulting, commissioning, and project development firm specializing in the analysis, development, and implementation of energy conservation projects that deliver real energy savings and performance enhancement. Eneractive leverages traditional demand side strategies and newer supply side initiatives to ensure optimum facility performance and lower operating costs. The firm’s solutions focus on the domains of building HVAC and controls, new technologies, renewable energy, and energy training and education. The Eneractive team includes energy engineering, field engineering, project management, and construction professionals whose expertise is sought by clients seeking proven results for energy optimization and project development. The company has been a significant contributor to NYSERDA and the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, providing expertise on existing building systems and project execution for various initiatives and programs.

Energy Management & Research Associates, Inc. is a full service energy consulting firm dedicated to designing and developing programs and projects that save energy in the multifamily, public, commercial sectors since 1991. EMRA offers individual building consulting services including: complete energy audits including Local Law 87 services (in a single year EMRA audited over 25 million square feet of facility spaces responsible for some $50 million+ in energy costs), boiler efficiency & HVAC equipment surveys, system troubleshooting, system balancing plans, replacement heating system sizing, and preparation of engineering design specifications. The team is also involved in a variety of projects ranging from research to design of company wide energy management programs (energy master planning), and training. Senior staff, who have 20 to 30 years’ experience, personally lead the audit/retro-commissioning and site surveys that result in cogent recommendations and real savings.

EN-POWER GROUP has been a leading provider of energy efficiency and engineering services in New York since 2003. The company has the unique ability and expertise to implement your Local Law 87 study's energy efficiency measures including: lighting, controls, cogeneration, oil-to-gas conversions, solar, chillers, boilers, and domestic hot water heaters. Twice in the last three years, EN-POWER GROUP has won the award for the most energy savings of any Partner in the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program (MPP). The EN-POWER GROUP team can work with you to implement practical, sustainable, and cost-effective energy solutions for your property.

Lawless & Mangione is a full service architectural and engineering firm established almost 30 years ago. L & M’s 65-member team includes 16 licensed professionals, nine licensed engineers, seven licensed architects, and six LEED accredited professionals. L & M staff are certified to perform energy audits and retro-commissioning in New York City. All requisite professional disciplines reside in-house, including exterior restoration and historic preservation, architectural design, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing engineering, energy audits, new system commissioning, retro-commissioning, alteration reviews and construction administration.

L&S Energy Services provides a broad spectrum of energy services to the multifamily and commercial marketplace. Services include NYC Local Law 84 and 87 compliance; building energy audits and retrofit analysis; system retro-commissioning; building system diagnostics; design of energy efficient technologies; LEED® and sustainable/green building services; energy rate studies; and energy conservation program management. L&S Energy Services offers its clients the unparalleled experience of a large national firm, coupled with the personal attention available only from a dedicated energy consulting organization.

NYBSC is a professional engineering and energy consulting firm comprised of industry professionals with certifications including Professional Engineers (PE), Existing Building Commissioning Professional (EBCP), and Certified Energy Manager (CEM). The company offers a complete range of engineering, energy and environmental services including: NYC Local Law 87 & 88 compliance services; HVAC design, testing and balancing; hydraulic calculations of sprinkler systems; oil to gas conversion; mechanical project management; ASHARE Level 1, 2 & 3 energy audits; building systems commissioning; combined heat and power (cogeneration) design; and LEED certification energy credits.



FS Energy, the energy advisory subsidiary of FirstService Residential, takes a holistic approach to energy management by applying state-of-the-art data analysis to evaluate a property’s energy consumption. The company’s efficiency experts then consider all practical Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to recommend a customized solution that will reduce a property’s energy expenses, while increasing efficiency and lowering emissions. The ECMs include incentive funding, enrollment in an energy aggregation purchasing program, energy benchmarking analysis, performing energy audits and completing retro-commissioning processes, retrofit analysis, execution and financing. FS Energy has helped clients save more than $25 million in energy costs while reducing the carbon footprint of the FirstService Residential New York portfolio by more than 15 percent since 2010. FS Energy is a NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Partner, an ENERGY STAR partner, a member of the NYC Carbon Challenge, and a participant in the US Department of Energy and HUD’s Better Buildings Challenge.

FS Project Management, a subsidiary of FirstService Residential, serves as a board or building owner’s dedicated representative for a broad range of construction and capital improvement projects – from project development, coordination of bid packages, negotiating costs with engineers and contractors, to overseeing all aspects of a job. With more than $100 million in completed projects, FS Project Management has a proven track record for taking the most complex and comprehensive projects from visualization to realization, ensuring that your vision is achieved in a cost-effective and timely manner with minimal disruption to residents.

FirstService Financial provides customized financing solutions exclusively to properties managed by FirstService Residential. These solutions include providing competitive loan options for various capital improvement plans, including energy-related projects. The company leverages the size of the FirstService Residential portfolio to deliver pricing and products that create meaningful value for clients.