Woodrow Court Owners Corp., a 60-unit cooperative located at 565 West 169 Street, has already recouped the cost of a hallway lighting upgrade project undertaken in May 2013.
  • Project Scope
Twenty existing pendant fixtures each burning a single 175 watt mercury vapor lamp were replaced with decorative shade fixtures each featuring four 12 watt LED Energy Star lamps and integrated with ultrasonic occupancy sensors. Based on the location of the fixtures, 10 remain completely off when the hallway is not occupied; the other 10 keep one bulb on at all times. The sensors activate all four bulbs only when the hallway is occupied.                                                             
  • Benefits
Comparing 12-months of electric usage before and after the lighting retrofit, the cooperative has saved $5,322 or 25,758 kWh, in just one year.
  • By the Numbers
Project Cost $9,705
Con Edison Incentives $4,018
Cost to Building $5,687
Annual Electric Savings         $5,322
Annual Reduced Electric Usage 25,758 kWh
Payback Period 1.06 years
Financial incentives for lighting efficiency projects are available! If your building is interested in reducing its costs and energy use through a lighting upgrade, please contact Da-Wei Huang, Director of Energy Management, FirstService Energy, at (212) 634-8922 or [email protected].

Reasons To Consider a Lighting Retrofit

1. Incentives and Rebates
Several programs currently offer financial incentives for choosing energy-efficient lighting

2. Improved Safety
High quality lighting can improve safety and increase resident satisfaction. Newer technologies often have better lighting characteristics, such as improved color, reduced flicker and greater light output

3. Environmental Impact
By consuming less electricity, your property can reduce its electrical load thereby reducing the demand and associated emissions from "off-site" power generation

4. Reduced Utility Costs
Efficient use of energy translates to lower operating costs

5. Property Valuation
Energy Star research shows that each $1 invested in energy efficiency could increase asset value by as much as $3
Friday December 05, 2014