What Your Building Can Do Now to Reduce Energy Waste, Costs, and Emissions

What can your building do now to reduce energy waste, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions, and ultimately improve its score?

  • Take care of the no-cost, low-cost, and high ROI projects that your building may have been putting off.
  • Create a capital plan for your building that includes energy waste reduction strategies and newer technologies that help reduce the amount of energy your building consumes.
  • Choose a qualified Local Law 87 vendor that will take a deep dive into your building’s systems and work to create an implementation plan.
  • Take advantage of Con Edison, National Grid, & PSE&G incentive programs that will help reduce the upfront cost of many waste reduction/energy efficiency projects in your building.  
  • Have your building staff trained on best practices to reduce energy waste. Many times, supers and operators are not aware that small adjustments made in the moment to address one problem may have a dramatic effect on the rest of your building systems and cause an energy waste situation.  
  • Pay special attention to your basic systems such as heating, cooling, ventilation, and domestic hot water. These systems may be causing the largest energy waste in your building. Contact FS Energy for information on how to tackle this assessment.
  • Infiltration of outside air and moisture can cause uncomfortable conditions for building occupants and cause your system to work harder. Take care to address these areas by having a professional visit your building to evaluate the conditions and help create a plan. If your building is complying with Local Law 11 (fa├žade restoration) and there is a problem with infiltration, it may be a good idea to address those conditions at the same time to save money and time.

Unsure of how to tackle these issues in your building? Reach out to FS Energy for help.