To support our commitment to improving the efficiency of multifamily properties throughout New York City, FirstService Residential hosted an informative presentation for board members that was jointly sponsored by the Mayor's Office of Sustainability and Manhattan’s Community Board 6.
The event focused on the NYC Retrofit Accelerator Program, through which board members and property managers have access to a team of building experts who can provide independent, customized technical assistance and advisory services—at no cost—to help accelerate energy and water efficiency upgrades. The Retrofit Accelerator team can also assist with determining how to use your Local Law 87 audit to improve the value and sustainability of your property.
The panel—which included representatives from the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability’s Retrofit Accelerator team and multifamily properties that have gone through energy retrofits in their buildings— covered retrofit strategies, rebate programs, and financing solutions available to help pay for improvements.
“While energy audits provide many beneficial efficiency opportunities, building decision makers often do not take the next step to execute projects—even those with a high return-on-investment,” says Aaron Mehta, Director, Energy Information, FirstService Energy. “The NYC Retrofit Accelerator is designed to help overcome these barriers.”

(L-R) FirstService Energy’s Aaron Mehta with panelists Luke Surowiec and Ali Levine from the NYC Retrofit Accelerator program; Victor Berrios, a FirstService Residential property manager; and Charles McNally, a co-op board member.

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Monday April 18, 2016