Want to Build a Powerful Financial Future for Your Association?

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If you are on the board of your New York City condominium or cooperative, you know that the value of your property and the satisfaction of your fellow owners are directly tied to the financial strength and stability of your association.
Well managed, financially healthy properties can consistently deliver essential quality services while strategically pursuing long-term capital improvements that allow them to compete in a changing landscape. Fiscally sound properties are also notable for what they do not provide: surprises.
By minimizing unexpected expenses, controlling operating costs and safeguarding investments, you are helping to preserve not just the value of your property, but the lifestyle that you and your fellow owners expect.
Getting your financial house in order takes time and a commitment to understanding the smallest details of your association’s accounting and management policies.

Our in-house experts have created Budgets, Reserve Funds and Financial Planning 101: A Guide to Building a Powerful Financial Future for Your New York City Cooperative or Condominium. The information contained in our comprehensive guide will help your board achieve successful financial management.

You don’t have to face budget season alone. Contact FirstService Residential to learn more about the benefits of partnering with an experienced property management company throughout budget season and beyond.


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