Jaime Brenkus LIVE & Unplugged

Jaime Brenkus LIVE & Unplugged

Getting Fit Never Gets Old!

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Jaime Brenkus LIVE & Unplugged

Getting Fit Never Gets Old

Jaime Brenkus LIVE and Unplugged is now an App! Jaime Brenkus is ready to put the BOOM back into boomers and beginners with his new virtual program! Jaime has helped millions of people lose pounds and inches as the developer of the 8-minute abs and now with Fit N Delicious. Jaime will be going LIVE 2-3 times per week at 10 am in the app plus you will have access to over 80 of Jaime's 8-minute workouts to mix and match. This high-quality experience is available on your phone, tablet, smart TV, or any streaming device. This is the perfect solution for anyone who wishes
to get in shape but doesn't have a lot of time. In the app, you also have access to Jaime to ask questions about health, fitness, nutrition, or wellness! This app is free for the month of February and then just $8 for the YEAR! Try it today by downloading the FIT n DELICIOUS app in the app store!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 60-year-old Exercise Physiologist, Jaime Brenkus, will be LIVE teaching his fitness class Tuesday & Thursday each week at 10 am EDT
  • Each LIVE routine will be 16-24 minutes in length. Let Jaime be your Personal Trainer anywhere, anytime
  • Library of over 80 of Jaime’s 8 Minute workouts – mix and match. You can do Double 8’s or Triple 8’s (16, 24, 32+ minutes)
  • A high-quality experience that’s available on your phone, tablet, smart TV or any internet streaming device
  • Great for anyone who wants to get in shape, but doesn’t have a lot of time!
  • Perfect if you’re just starting out. The perfect dose of exercise in the perfect amount of time
  • Access to Jaime to ask questions about health, fitness, nutrition or wellness via his personal email.
  • Complimentary for the month of June!

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