I'm The Chef Too!

I'm The Chef Too!

I'm The Chef Too! Edible Adventure Kits

Get ready to embark on an edible adventure with I’m The Chef Too! that blends food, STEM, and the Arts into educational fun! Each adventure allows children to discover, inspire, question, create, and invent all through the world of cooking!

Will you be an astronomer and explore our solar system by baking galaxy donuts or step into the role of a mad scientist as you engineer and erupt volcano cakes while learning about chemical reactions? Each recipe is infused with educational concepts and an exciting adventure with premeasured dry ingredients, specialty supplies, activity guide, recipe card 3 STEAM projects that are sure to keep you on your feet!

I'm The Chef Too!'s adventures have received the Family Choice Awards, Parents Pick Awards, and National Parenting Product Awards as well as been featured in Us Weekly, Parents, and Parade.

Adventures are commitment free- no subscription needed! Grab yours today and save 20% off with the code FirstService.

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