Lifestyle Communities - Property Management Services

More than ever, homebuyers who share common lifestyle interests and activities are choosing to live in Lifestyle Communities, also called Common-Interest Communities, where they can enjoy social, recreational, and fitness amenities, facilities and programs tailored to their tastes and needs.

As the property management leader, FirstService Residential has managed hundreds of Lifestyle Communities throughout North America, providing specialized lifestyle programs and services targeted to both the goals of their associations and the desires of their residents.  

We put the right team in place to serve your community – local experts with targeted Lifestyle Community training, as well as deep knowledge and experience in Lifestyle Community and amenity management.  Team members work closely with your association to assess your goals and plan lifestyle, recreational, wellness, fitness, entertainment and educational programs customized to your residents’ needs.  

Resident-Focused Lifestyle Team Dedicated to Your Community

Team members can also work with your Board members, committee members and lifestyle directors to help them develop programs that create desirable lifestyle experiences for residents.  We can even support your association during your Lifestyle Community’s planning stages, to help plan desirable amenities and activities, including tennis courts, golf, swimming pool and clubhouse.

Our specialized Lifestyle Community services include:

  • On-site management and support staff
  • Activity Director / Lifestyle Director services
  • Development and management of amenity, lifestyle, fitness and wellness programs
  • Event and entertainment planning
  • Activity, community and marketing event planning
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Training for Board members, committee members and lifestyle directors
  • Value-added programs, such as collective buying power and negotiated vendor pricing

All of these benefits set us apart and enable us to enhance both the property values and quality of life provided by your Lifestyle or Common Interest community.   By tailoring our proven services to your needs and providing your Board members and residents with warm, friendly and responsive service, we achieve our mission of making a difference, every day, for the people and communities we serve.  

In addition to working with existing Lifestyle and Common Interest Communities, we also partner with many of North America’s leading developers to help them plan new communities.  Beginning our partnership at the earliest stage of development, we leverage our sector experience and expertise to provide expert guidance every step along the way.  The result?  A successful, thriving community that fulfills your lifestyle promise to your future residents. 

Learn more about how FirstService Residential’s tailored Lifestyle Community services can enhance your community and lifestyle.