Dania Beach, Fla. (October 26, 2023)

FirstService Residential high-rise community association manager featured in Chicago Cooperator

Among the many benefits of living in a multifamily building or HOA is a built-in community of residents who can get to know each other and ultimately enjoy spending time together. Some communities encourage their residents to get together by planning events throughout the year, while others leave it up to the residents to create their own time to mingle outside of their units. 

With the festive season coming up, it’s the perfect time for boards, managers, and committees to start nailing down their holiday social programming plans. And with the new year right around the corner, why not grab that blank calendar and brainstorm other year-round community-building events?

“We hold events all year that bring the community residents together, which is positive for a multitude of reasons,” says William Dyckman, high-rise community association manager at FirstService Residential in Chicago. “These events pay dividends. One example is that they reduce tension between neighbors. You’re going to have moments where tempers run high because of a dog barking or a leak, but when people interact, they can get to know one another and ask questions. Once you put a face to your neighbor, it changes the overall dynamic for the entire association.”

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Oct 26, 2023