Dania Beach, Fla. (August 31, 2023)

How to Prepare Your House for a Hurricane: 10 Tips for Homeowners

Rising summer temperatures herald the beginning of hurricane season. Luckily, the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to be relatively mild, with 1-4 major hurricanes (category 3-5) and 5-9 mild hurricanes (category 1-2). Even with a milder season ahead, it’s essential to be prepared. 

So, how do you prepare your house for a hurricane? Luckily, this Redfin guide has everything you need to know. Whether you live in a house in Tampa, FL, or a rental home in Wilmington, NC, read on for hurricane preparedness tips and tricks to help keep you and your family safe. 

How to prepare for a hurricane watch and hurricane warning

Staying prepared well before a hurricane makes landfall is essential to keep you and your family safe. But what do you do when a hurricane is making its way toward your home? To help, we’ve partnered with Robert Smith, President of the South Region for FirstService Residential, to navigate you through hurricane watches and warnings. 

When a hurricane watch is issued:

  1. Clean, sterilize, and fill available containers with water for emergency drinking purposes.
  2. Photograph and/or videotape your property and contents (with date stamps) as baseline documentation.
  3. Store images to the cloud and/or print and store in waterproof containers.
  4. Pack freezer contents tightly to conserve cold temperatures in case you lose power.
  5. Gather the following and secure in luggage or waterproof containers for all family members, including pets: Reading materials, toys and games, toiletries and equipment, several changes of clothing, blankets and pillows, pet food, water, carriers and leashes.
  6. Ensure pets wear ID tags with your name/phone number.

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Aug 31, 2023