Dania Beach, Fla. (December 20, 2023)

Shep Hyken interviews David Diestel and talks about delivering exceptional service consistently, creating moments that matter, and empowering the team to provide outstanding customer experiences.

David Diestel sat down with Shep Hyken for a conversation with the Amazing Business podcast. To listen to the full podcast, click below.

Here are some of the top takeaways from this episode.
  1. A brand like FirstService Residential is not just about a name. It’s about being united under a standard set of values. It starts with leadership, defining who we are as an organization and what we stand for. Then, it is reinforced daily throughout the organization through associate empowerment and recognition.
  2. Defining an organization’s service culture is key to delivering extraordinary experiences. That’s why at FirstService we host daily meetings involving all team members, regardless of their position, to help to unify the company’s culture and values. This consistency in communication and empowerment fosters a service-aware workplace dedicated to delivering outstanding customer experiences.
  3. In most organizations, there is a gap between CEOs’ perceptions of being customer-centric and customers’ actual experiences. This is why feedback is essential. Using tools like Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to measure customer and employee experiences provides valuable insights. By understanding the depth of customer relationships, companies can align their culture and optimize their customer experience, ultimately leading to improved service, retention, and growth.
  4. Maintaining a customer-focused culture across multiple regions requires alignment and consistency. Celebrating customer service wins and establishing consistent communication helps maintain a customer-centric focus across various locations.
  5. Plus, Shep and David share examples of Moments of Magic® and “Moments that Matter.”
Click below to access the full podcast.

Dec 20, 2023