Excerpt from the Harvest HOA Newsletter, by Page Austin

David Diestel and  community managers

Last month, the new CEO for FirstService Residential came to Argyle to visit Harvest. FirstService Residential is the management company for the Harvest Homeowners Association.

The new CEO, David Diestel, has heard so much about Harvest that he had to come to see it firsthand. For my team and me, it was an honor to share our community with him. After the tour, he stopped us and said he was blown away, not because of the amenities but by our passion and love for our residents. He said, “You can see and feel the passion." It left an impression on him.

After David's visit, our team had a renewed sense of pride for our community and our job. We were able to see with new, fresh eyes how amazing it is to live in a place where neighbors connect, gather, and do life together. A place where kids ride their bikes and families play at the park. A place where the staff at the Farmhouse Coffee & Treasures knows your name and how you like your coffee. A place that offers something for every person at every stage of life. This is why I love coming to work each day.

I am thankful for David's visit. Being reenergized, I realize how grateful I am to have a job that I love! I can do great things for my community because I love the things I do. I love planning events, connecting with neighbors; loving on the kiddos; learning the teen lingo; mentoring tweens/teens, and helping neighbors feel like they belong.

Having a fresh perspective has given me energy and excitement. It's also a great reminder for everyone to make time to pause and reflect so that you can fill your cup and bring fresh eyes to whatever task is at hand.

FirstService Residential CEO David Diestel, Page Austing, HOA General Manager Tim Mills,
HOA Assistant General Manager Jerry Lui, and FirstService DFW President Patrick Droesch.

Nov 16, 2021