Developer Services

As North America’s strata management leader, FirstService Residential is here to provide guidance and a forward-thinking management approach to leading developers throughout the U.S. and Canada. We understand that successfully executing your vision is the cornerstone of your success. And at FirstService Residential, our goal is to bring your project to life by leveraging our industry knowledge and expertise.

Because of our size, scope and experience, we can offer significant enterprise-wide resources as well as local expertise and partnerships to support your vision – the ideal combination to help your planned strata succeed and thrive. 

From conception through build-out, transition and beyond, we work closely with your team to help you accomplish the distinct identity and lifestyle you’ve envisioned for your planned community. We begin by consulting with you in the early development phases to identify your needs. Then we formulate a strategy that addresses how to answer any challenges and achieve your objectives. As we move through each stage of your project, we pay close attention to the following areas that ensure a strong partnership with you and a successful transition:

Prepare accurate budgets

We understand the initial and ongoing operating requirements of new developments and rely on a process that generates realistic budgets that are dependable and sustainable — and mitigate the risk of budgetary shortfalls.

Manage your strata from opening through transition

Our proactive approach ensures optimal preparation, effective management and a successful transition by administering all communication and promoting a teamwork mindset between residents and developers.

Smooth transition to homeowner council

Our team of experts identify, prepare and support qualified council member candidates and manage the expectations of all parties to avoid surprises and ensure the transition proceeds as planned.

Educating residents during transition phase

By implementing an effective communication strategy, we ensure residents understand the roles and responsibilities of the council and developer and offer hands-on training programs so they can manage their community more effectively.

At the core of each phase is the ongoing alliance between management companies and developers. With our global, unlimited resources at your disposal, our job is to do one thing: bring your vision to life.

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