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“Strata corporations have to purchase insurance based on full replacement value. As costs of goods and labour go up, insurance premiums need to reflect those increases.”

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Paul Murcutt

Paul Murcutt Stratagize GuestSenior Vice President, Strategic Development, BFL Canada Realty

Paul specializes in Real Estate Insurance programs and has been in the insurance industry since 2003. He currently leads a large team in the real estate division at BFL CANADA and is located in Vancouver. In his current role, he is responsible for strategic growth and operations of the department that caters to Residential and Commercial Property Management Sector. Paul's professionalism and integrity have resulted in involvement with many associations through the community. He is the past president of the Canadian Condominion Inustitue (CCI) Vancouver Chapter and is an active member of a number of industry associations including PAMA and LANDLORD BC all providing education for the community.


About the Hosts

Brent Anderson

Business Development Director, FirstService Residential British Columbia

As Business Development Director, Brent is responsible for the continued growth and strategy of FirstService Residential’s Market throughout British Columbia. 

Brent’s professional career in sales began selling souvenirs at Canucks games back at the PNE Coliseum. For the past 15 years, has been closely working with strata managers as a salesperson for various trades, including painting, high-rise window cleaning, and HVAC services.

The sales world is full of cookie-cutter reps who lead with their ego and put their needs ahead of the customers. Not Brent; he is passionate about the needs and goals of his clients and specializes in bringing them peace of mind. 
Brent lives in South Surrey with his wife and their Jack Russell Terrier. He is an avid hiker and budding kayak enthusiast. 


James Milne

James-M.pngBusiness Development Director, FirstService Residential British Columbia

As Business Development Director, James is responsible for the continued growth and strategy of FirstService Residential’s Market throughout British Columbia. 

James takes a consultative approach to his role, recognizing that having the right fit between a community and its management is crucial to long-term success. Prior to joining FirstService, James worked in luxury hotel management and business-to-business sales. 

James has more than 20 years of experience in customer-facing roles and a true passion for customer service. He is a licensed strata manager and has a degree in Business Management. 

When not working, James is also an avid mountain biker and serves as the President of one of BC’s largest non-profit mountain bike clubs.



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Over 1.5 million people live in strata housing in the Province of British Columbia. 

Let's face it, you'd rather watch reruns of the nightly news than read the Strata Property Act (And we can't blame you) Still, most people are at a loss when it comes to understanding such an important framework for how many of us live our lives in proximity with one another.

Stratagize with Brent Anderson & James Milne features conversations with industry leaders and experts who share their knowledge to demystify an industry that impacts the lives of more than 1 out of 3 British Columbians.

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Ensure that you have homeowners insurance and that it is updated regularly, at least annually.


  •  Insurance broker is essentially a professional shopper who goes to the insurance company to seek terms.
  • Insurance companies make money two ways...Underwriting profit & Investment income. When one or both of those streams of revenue are down we see insurance companies change their position.
  • Replacement value has direct impact on insurance premiums. If replacement value increases 10% then insurance premiums also have to increase 10%
  • Replace rubber water supply lines with steel braided hoses


"Do insurance brokers pay referral fees to strata management companies?"
(MYTH) For BFL this has always been a myth. Legislation was put in place last year to prevent this situation from happening.

“Brokers provide insurance”
(Myth) Insurance brokers are professional shoppers that go to market and shop for best rates from insurance companies then provide the best pricing available.