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In this episode, Brent and James discuss privacy with Veronica Franco, partner & strata lawyer with Clark Wilson LLP. An in-depth look at the roles and responsibilities of strata corporations to protect your personal information.

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Veronica Franco

Veronica Franco Stratagize Guest

Partner - Clark Wilson LLP

Veronica is a leader in the practice of strata law in BC and one of the top contributors to advancing education within the industry, presenting regularly for the Condominium Home Owners Association, the Professional Association of Managing Agents, and the Continuing Legal Education Society.

Whether it is through education, litigation or providing strategic advice, resolutions and bylaws, Veronica finds cost-effective ways for people to live better together in a strata community. As a calm and collected voice, Veronica provides advice that allows strata corporations and property managers to tackle tough human issues so as to improve the strata community.

About the Hosts:

Brent Anderson

Business Development Director, FirstService Residential British Columbia

As Business Development Director, Brent is responsible for the continued growth and strategy of FirstService Residential’s Market throughout British Columbia. 

Brent’s professional career in sales began selling souvenirs at Canucks games back at the PNE Coliseum. For the past 15 years, has been closely working with strata managers as a salesperson for various trades, including painting, high-rise window cleaning, and HVAC services.

The sales world is full of cookie-cutter reps who lead with their ego and put their needs ahead of the customers. Not Brent; he is passionate about the needs and goals of his clients and specializes in bringing them peace of mind. 
Brent lives in South Surrey with his wife and their Jack Russell Terrier. He is an avid hiker and budding kayak enthusiast. 


James Milne

James-M.pngBusiness Development Director, FirstService Residential British Columbia

As Business Development Director, James is responsible for the continued growth and strategy of FirstService Residential’s Market throughout British Columbia. 

James takes a consultative approach to his role, recognizing that having the right fit between a community and its management is crucial to long-term success. Prior to joining FirstService, James worked in luxury hotel management and business-to-business sales. 

James has more than 20 years of experience in customer-facing roles and a true passion for customer service. He is a licensed strata manager and has a degree in Business Management. 

When not working, James is also an avid mountain biker and serves as the President of one of BC’s largest non-profit mountain bike clubs.



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🚨 STRATA TIP: Ask your management company what steps they take to ensure your private data & information is protected. It’s your information you have a right to know how its safeguarded.


MAIN TAKEAWAYS: 🛠 A strata corporation is constantly collecting personal information.

🛠 Generally you can’t use cameras to enforce bylaws, however if cameras are a last resort and the infraction is causing hardship to the strata then camera footage may be used to enforce bylaw infractions.

🛠 The biggest mistake councils make is they think the strata should be redacting personal information. PIPA maintains that if information is requested under SEC 35 of SPA then information shouldn’t be redacted.

🛠 Strata records are the book of accounts and correspondence to and from the council. If the council is just emailing each other and the strata manager is not copied those emails do not form strata records.

QUOTE “Strata management companies need robust systems in place to protect strata residents banking information.”

🦄 MYTH VS FACT Can a strata council install cameras without owner approval?


Under the SPA – not allowed to used Operating fund money for expenses that occur less than once per year

Under PIPA – Not allowed to operate cameras until you have documented need for cameras, obtained consent, put up signage and followed the rest of the steps required.