Shaping Successful Council Culture in Your Strata Community

One of the greatest challenges your council and community will face is reconciling the thoughts, ideas, and perceptions of each individual Director and the owners into a single management plan supported by all. Successful strata corporations understand the roles and responsibilities of their members and work together to shape council culture that will benefit their strata community.

Here are some ways to develop successful council culture for your strata corporation:

  • Shape corporation objectives to reward the community
  • Mutual respect and courtesy for council members, homeowners and tenants
  • Work in a climate of trust, candor and willingness to openly share with each other
  • Give uniform direction as a council to those implementing policy – “speaking with one voice”
  • Implement policy-driven governance

By working together as a council, you can maximize the potential of your strata corporation and build a community that makes everybody proud.