Winter is soon to come, and with the cold comes the immediate thought of keeping warm. However, the ice or snow buildup on your roof means more than a visit from Old Man Winter. It can be a warning of roofing problems later on. 
This is called ice damming, which occurs when ice accumulates on your roof. This may seem like an easy fix. Ice melts, right? Unfortunately, this ice could cause roof leaking later on if not taken care of immediately. Follow our tips on preventing any roof leaking from happening this winter. 

1. Know the causes - so you can prevent ice damming in the first place. 

Knowledge is power. Knowing the signs of ice damming is the first step in preventing it. Since inadequate ventilation can trap cold air in the lower portions of upper roof space, the roof stays colder near the edges. With this occurring, you will begin to see ice accumulate near the gutters.

2. Know the signs – so you can take action. 

Now is the time to take action. Once you have noticed the ice accumulating, you can be one step ahead instead of waiting for the ice to melt. Here are a few things to look out for. 
First, you will want to recognize the typical pattern of ice on your roof. Ice and snow usually cover and melts evenly. When you see a pattern of melted ice or snow at the peak of your roof and accumulated ice toward the gutters and eaves, that can be a result of ice damming. 
Other signs of trouble can be seeing icicles on your eaves and having your gutters clogged with ice. Once the ice begins to thaw, you will slowly see the drips of water coming from above. 

3. Know what you can do to solve the problem – so you can avoid costly roofing repairs.  

There are a few solutions from this point on to prevent ice damming. One solution is to install flashing along your eaves, valleys, and step-ups. Always look at your ventilation from time to time to ensure it is adequate. This is a huge help in figuring out if the cold air is circulating out the way it should be. Since attic temperature is a considerable part of the solution, you may as well look to make sure the building is insulated correctly also. 
Any winter can be challenging; an especially snowy winter can be even more damaging. With that said, you do not want to enter spring with a surprising leaky roof. Prevent ice damming on your roof, either by implementing some of the tips you see here or talking to a trusted roofing professional.
If you do not have any contacts, a good strata management company can certainly point you in the right direction. For more on maintaining your strata, read here, and contact FirstService Residential today.

Sunday October 04, 2020