A fresh coat of paint anywhere in your home, whether it’s your living or dining room, your kitchen or hallway, or any small area of your home that needs one slide of a paintbrush can add that extra pop of excitement. It could be the colour scheme chosen out of hundreds of swatches, or the natural lighting that reflects off the new walls. The feeling is indescribable! 
When you look around your home, how do you know it is time to pull out an old t-shirt and paint cans? 
We recommend first to do a quick walk around your home. If you see your walls or doorframes seem marred, dirty, or there is a certain dullness with cracks near the floor, it may just be that time. 
On the other hand, you feel like you just went through the same thought process a year ago, and everything still seems fresh and clean. Should there be another go-around? Trust how you feel when you enter a room, especially when you spend a lot of your time in one. If you aren’t feeling your happiest and you could with another spruce up, there’s nothing stopping you from doing some retouches. 
Painting your home is also one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. CertaPro Painters offers these tips for making the most of your repainting experience.

 1. Stand Tall

Specific techniques can make your ceiling look taller to the visible eye, and your room is more spacious. This is accomplished by painting the ceiling a lighter version of the wall colour, including pale blues or a soft gray. These colours can also lead to a receding of the room corners to reveal a delicate canopy of colour. 

 2. Small is Beautiful, Too

There is nothing wrong with embracing your small space with a simple scheme of vibrant colours defined by white or black trim and accents.

3. Warm is Welcome

 If you are looking to paint one of the larger rooms in your home, the look of the walls will benefit from earthy, inviting colours that create a relaxing ambience. Colour swatches that bring this description out are deep ochre, rusty red, and burnt orange. Your large room will quickly seem more welcoming and livable, especially if it is also quite busy-looking. 

 4. Light Colours Recede

The smaller parts of your home, including hallways will seem less narrow or confining with neutral colours since they reflect light causing an illusion of wideness. Paired with good light fixtures, these spaces will feel more jointed. 

 5. Take Charge

 A deeper, bold colour can be surprisingly versatile. If you want a royal blue wall, it may seem a bit chaotic on its own. However, paired with a more cheerful colour such as a fresh orange or citrus yellow accent, it can instantly look more vivid and modern. 
There you have it – simple ways to repaint your home and get that satisfying feeling of a new look! 
Article by Article prepared by the professionals at CertaPro Painters | Saturday August 08, 2020