To help prepare for the winter snow, here are some quick maintenance tips your strata can follow: 


Prepare for potential snow


1. Identify hard-to-heat areas or areas that receive inefficient heating.


2. Take a look at your building exterior and look to fix leaks around door frames and windows.


3. Identify essential areas of your building that will require heat and power in case of outages. 


4. Review plumbing areas that may be subject to freezing. 


5. Be aware of equipment that may be subject to damage during a freeze. Do your best to winterize these elements, where possible, by draining equipment that is unused, removing condensate, or heating areas where equipment may be stored. 


6. If water is pooling on your roof, identify the cause and make the necessary repairs. Also look for any damage or deterioration on roof areas where repairs may be required.


7. Clear out spouts and drains, where necessary, to prevent clogging. 


These quick tips will help your property prepare for winter. Of course, an experienced property management company can help, too. For more tips and guidance contact FirstService Residential

Monday January 12, 2015