When you enter your strata’s lobby, you do not go immediately upstairs to your unit. Your first interaction will be with the front desk representative. When you have guests over or even prospective homebuyers, this impression is especially important. They set the tone for how the strata property is perceived. Thus, it is essential to ensure that your front desk workers are a memorable part of anyone’s day, be it a resident or a guest.  
By working with the best strata management company, they can help you fill this significant position. What makes the perfect front desk employee? Let’s take a look... 

1. They combine a smile with substance. 

A front desk employee needs to have a friendly attitude. When a resident is leaving for a busy day or coming home from work after one, you want your residents to be greeted by someone who makes them feel like they are back. They should also know the difference between too little and too much. While having a positive attitude is necessary, being overly friendly can be a bit irritating. Front desk employees who can balance this with ease will be able to respond to the needs of residents quickly. 

2. They settle for nothing less than resort-style service.

Why do people love escaping to a five-star hotel? It’s not just about the room service. The pure dedication that the workers have is often second to none regarding customer service, attitude, and personability. That is what a front desk worker should also present by exceeding every expectation for your residents. 

3. They know what they don’t know and work to improve it. 

A good hallmark of a front desk employee is someone who wants to learn more. They will have already done the necessary training to work at the front desk, but that does not mean they stop there. They can take advantage of going through more extensive training to improve themselves via experienced hospitality professionals. Learning from the best will only make them better. 

4. They act as a concierge.

Their job position may say “front desk representative,” but that does not stand in the way of them being able to provide concierge-level service. There’s not much of a difference between the two titles, except the difference in service philosophy. The main difference is that a concierge adds the complete capability to their job responsibilities.

 5. They are an asset in any situation.

 The front desk representative knows exactly what to do in any given situation - even the unexpected ones. This could be from something as unusual as a power outage. They can switch from greeting residents at the door to playing a pivotal role during an emergency in an instant. 
So as you can see, the role has many different aspects to it. Many council members find that hiring and training a great front desk employee is an investment of time and energy to acquire. To help you during this process, contact FirstService Residential

Sunday October 04, 2020