Imagine you return home from work, and there are trash bins that are still full in front of your house. Today was supposed to be garbage day pickup, so now you have to call your local municipality and demand answers. Except now, every call you make goes straight through to voicemail. This is just one of the many examples of what you have to deal with living independently.  
Why feel the need to accept that as your norm? If you’ve considered living in a strata community, it is likely because you have noticed the many benefits that come with making the decision. 
Below are four reasons you should consider living in a strata community, and how doing so may enrich your everyday life by taking away unnecessary stresses!

1. The Benefit of Collective Management 

Suppose you have had the unfortunate pleasure of living beside someone’s home with an unattractive exterior colour, or neighbours that neglected the look of their property entirely, including plants and shrubs. In that case, you know how worrisome that can be. If you ever wanted to sell your home, this look may not be attractive to prospective buyers. If you own a private home, you are also at the mercy of the local government to address your needs. When living in a strata community, this isn’t a worry. The condo corporation sets its bylaws and rules, which residents are to abide by. They extend to the community at large and help maintain the look of your community and increase property value. 

2. Private Public Functions:

The first trash bin example was to highlight general nuisance homeowners face. However, when living in a strata, this is not a worry. Local municipalities usually are overwhelmed with the services they have to provide for their entire area - not to mention this can cause financial issues. You can expect responsibilities such as trash pickup, road maintenance, storm water management, snow removal, and other similar services to be managed by Strata communities to ensure services are completed promptly. Lastly, fees are also taken care of by the Strata Owners. 

3. Minimizing Costs, and 4. Maintaining A Sense of Community:

This may seem like two different topics, but they complement each other. When you are a Strata community member, you are assured that all homeowners will pay their fair share. Your strata management team also addresses concerns, and property value is maintained without formal government oversight. The community is in it together, and you gain a sense of collective management. Thus, it is easy to see why neighbourhood activities such as holiday parties, social clubs, and athletic and fitness events become so popular among all residents. 
For more information on how you can benefit from living in a Strata community, contact FirstService Residential, North America’s leading residential property management company.
Sunday October 04, 2020