Did you know that most units have up to ten or more water connections, including the washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator/ice maker, bathtub, shower, sprinkler heads, hot  water tank, faucets and more? Each of these connections has the potential to leak. If your unit is found to be the source of a leak that causes water damage, you may be held responsible. Fast action is imperative once a leak occurs in order to prevent damage!

 Prevention Strategies:

 •   Know the location of your in-suite water shut-offs and turn off the water supply if you discover a leak
•   Use a water monitoring system or contract with a monitoring service

•   Winterize hose bibs as needed
•   Replace rubber appliance supply hoses with steel braided hoses

•   Avoid hanging items from sprinkler heads

•   Seal tile grout 





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Article by FS Insurance Brokers | Thursday June 30, 2016