There is much to know about washing machines. They may the source of your clothes being cleaned, but here are some important facts to keep in mind about their safety when living in a strata.

Your washing machine has a supply hose that allows water to enter into your washer. However, when this supply hose malfunctions, Did You Know this is responsible for one of the most common water damage claim filed by homeowners. The rate at which water is discharged can be up to 500 gallons per hour. This is not only harmful to your home, but to other homes around you.
We recommend to keep a careful eye on any small leaks when washing your clothes, as this could lead to a harsher malfunction.

Need some more tips to prevent this from happening? We’ve got you covered!
  • Steel is the way to go! Use supply hoses made from this material.
  • Always know where your in-suite water shut off is located.
  • Have a water leak detection system in place
  • The sweet spot is three to four inches between the hose connection and the wall
  • Ensure you replace your hose every three to five years depending on its usage
  • Be insured so that you are protected from heavy costs and replacements in the event of an accident
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Article by FS Insurance Brokers | Wednesday July 15, 2020